About Reviews

So, your book is ready to be reviewed. Whether fiction or non-fiction, reviews are the most important selling feature when people pick up your book. First, they are drawn to the cover and title, but then they look for that brief synopsis, and/or reviews to give them an idea if they will find the book interesting or not. A review should be to the point and dynamic.

We are now available to offer a book review service. We will read and write a review for your book. It may be requested by your publisher prior to final print, so that it may be included in your book, or on its cover. You may be requesting additional reviews, and ask to have them added to your website or to other websites, including amazon.com, if that is one of your selling options. We are looking to review books in the following categories:

  • all fiction
  • non-fiction, inclusive of all sports
  • self-help
  • spiritual, new age
  • women's interests
  • health

We have been poerwhelmed by our response to the special promotion BWP ran alst year. We were so pleased, and as an incentive due to our faltering economy, we have decided to do it again. We will run a three month special, and hope that you will be included in this run of one hundred manuscripts. The effective promo dates: 3/15/09- 6/15/09. You will be notified if your book has been included in that first hundred. So, please hurry and send a copy of your manuscript to the following address:

BookWorm Publishing LLC  P.O. Box 759                 Shoreham, New York  1786

Please DO NOT forward any manuscripts to the e-mail address: bookwormpub@aol.com, but if you have any questions, or need further information, please do not hesitate contacting me. Please remember to e-mail permission for me to post your review on this website.