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 "The Devil's Dance" continues to sell. Amazingly, I get so many e-mails from women who find the notoriously handsome Andre Rouloff, simply irresistible. Watch for the release date for the next romantic thriller that is guaranteed to rock your boat!   

New Beginnings continues selling, and will be on the shelves of Barnes & Noble and Borders Books Stores before too long. When visiting your local book store, please ask them to order in a copy of one or both books. The books are available to these vendors through Baker & Taylor, and are listed. Please remind them of this, because someone new may not know this.Please note that you may place an order at barnes&noble.com or bordersstores.com for store pick-up.

ATTENTION BOOKSELLERS: This novel is available for wholesale purchase through Baker & Taylor

Please place your order at any of these websites:

amazon.com (borders)

barnes&noble.com (you can order for in-store delivery)

BordersStores.com ( you can order for in-store delivery)









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For all customers feel free to refer your requests to your local bookstores or you can purchase online at amazon.com or at  another address listed as ticklesss-products.myshopify.com


If you would like to contact me, the author, directly, for whatever reason, please feel free to write to me at bookwormpub@aol.com.