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Becoming a Real Estate Photographer
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Jul 13, 2020
9:45 PM
The decisive factor for real estate marketing is photographs. It can be said that beautiful images sell houses. For photographers, real estate photography can be a great income stream that can support your creative, fun, and stimulating profession. There is something to consider before you get into the area of real estate photography as this is a quire competitive and demanding field.

Have the Right Real Estate Photography Equipment

A DSLR camera is essential. There are now a lot of different camera brands, but Nikon and Canon are the most popular in this field. Besides the camera, other pieces of equipment are also needed in the process of shooting, including a sturdy tripod, a wide-angle lens, and a wireless flash system. The tripod (to prevent blurry images) and the lens (to help you capture the right scale of a room) are fundamental. But if you don’t have the flash, you can use a set of reflections to manipulate the light.

Other gadgets that you should prepare are spare batteries, storage space on flash drives, an extension cable, and a step ladder.

Real Estate Photo Editing Skill

It is very important to have the post-editing stage after you take shots. It makes images more brightening and beautiful. It includes color correction, white balance, bright & contrast adjustment, sky replacement, shadow reduction, and remove unnecessary things.
Photo editing is essential before getting it on listing. But it is sometimes impossible for photographers to go out to shoot and edit photos after that. Then, they try to find a professional trust-worthy real estate photo editor to help them with this task.
Virtual staging which allows you to digitally add proper furniture to an empty house is also a key technique to help sell this kind of property.

How to Charge for Real Estate Photography?
The price often varies depending on some elements:
- The market you are running your listing on
- The size of the property that you are working on
- The number of shots
- How the editing quality is
- The time for the delivery
- Whether it is in a small town or a big city
In addition, others like transport cost and editing costs like drone photography and floor plans can add up the total cost.

Hopefully, this will help us in some ways.
Jul 14, 2020
11:12 PM
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Jul 27, 2020
12:19 PM
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