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Jul 29, 2020
11:36 PM

Whether you're hiding a pair under your gown, or showing them off with an accompanying afterparty frock, a sneaker can, in fact, be wedding appropriate. Take it from Vogue's own beauty editor, Jenna Rennert, who swapped a pair of 3-inch bedazzled heels at one in the morning for a pair of custom Nike Blazers, that she matched with her new husband.

One star athlete in particular, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, is credited with putting the sneaker on the map when he donned the shoe during a high point of his basketball career in the 1970??1971 season. Golden Goose Hi Star This shoe-player relationship was later immortalized in a highly recognizable 1981 ad, in which the sports great shouts out his size-16 Superstars for assisting his trademark high-flying shot.

Her brand demographics, just like the people who rallied onto Bergdorf's first floor to party with the singer, are expansive. (Regarding the party, it might register as the only NYFW event to have both Jack Dorsey and Benny Drama in attendance.) I love to see that it's not one-note; it's not one chick or one style of a girl or a guy walking into my Golden Goose Sneakers store or going online, says Rihanna.

In his five years as Coach 1941's creative director, Stuart Vevers has become known for his particular way with flowers. His Spring 2016 collection sticks out in our memory: It was his first runway show for the now-78-year-old American brand, and Vevers opened with about a dozen patchworked, multi-printed floral dresses with kicky pleated skirts.

If you're looking to start celebrating Women's History Month a little early, Mattel's latest Golden Goose Mid Star announcement may be the playful homage you seek. As part of the brand's Inspiring Women collection, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Jean King, and Florence Nightingale Barbies are here for a new generation of kids to learn about the iconic women.

At tonight's Met Gala, Serena Williams wore a stunning yellow creation by Atelier Versace on the red carpet-but it was what was underneath that embellished skirt and train that really stole the show. The tennis pro embraced her sportive roots for this evening's camp theme, slipping on a pair of highlighter green Nike x Off-White Air Force One sneakers, logo'd with Air on them.

Aug 01, 2020
4:54 AM
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Aug 07, 2020
12:26 AM
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