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Best Approach to Develop a Persuasive Essay - 2021
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Peter Harvey
7 posts
Sep 14, 2021
10:24 PM

So, I see that you have come seeking help. Well, I can essay writing service understand it if you are stuck on an essay.


But if it’s a persuasive one, then you do not need to worry anymore.


I know that it is hard to persuade someone in real life, but it’s not that hard when it comes to an essay. A persuasive essay is simple enough to write if you know what you are doing. And I am going to tell you what to do.



I am about to give you the best approach to write the best paper of your life. You no longer need to wonder, “who will help me write my essay for me?” because you will be the one doing all the writing yourself. And this is how you will do it.


Tip #1: Choose the Topic you Believe In


Look, you can’t convince others of something you don’t believe in yourself. 


So, if you are thinking of persuading an audience that gun control should not be implemented, you best believe it yourself.


Otherwise, your arguments will come off as incomplete and weird.


So, make sure that you select the topic which is right for you.


Tip #2: Select the Method of Persuasion


Next up, an essay writer decides how to convince the readers that you are right.


In argumentative essays, this is done by appealing to the college essay writer logical side of the reader.


This can also be done in persuasive essays. You can provide evidence by stating stats.


You can also quote journal articles or newspapers.


Tip #3: You Can Use an Emotional Approach


There is, of course, another way to persuade your audience, and that requires a rather personal touch.


You can appeal to the emotions of your audience.


Let's say you are saying that animal testing is wrong. Now, you can make your audience emotional and talk about how inhumane it is.


In many cases, emotion trumps logic.


Tip #4: Give Examples

The best way to convince others of your perspective is by giving examples. These examples can be from your own life or from the lives of others.


They should just be there.


They convince your readers that your point is real and that it matters because it is something you or any other person has been through.


Tip #5: Counter Arguments 


Counter arguments are important, but they are mostly used in argumentative essays.


Not many people use them in persuasive essays, so you will have to consult your professor on this one.


If they think you should include one here, then include it in a separate paragraph, just before the conclusion.


Also, don’t forget to refute it. You can also take help from the college essay writer writers. 


Tip #6: Know the Endgame


The endgame is terrifying. In this case, it truly is the endgame to convince your reader that you are right absolutely.


You don’t have to make them think that MAYBE you have a point. No!


They must think that you are absolute, 100% correct in your assessment of things. 


So, be prepared to use your very best tools of persuasion.


Tip #7: Conclude with a BANG!


This matters so much, and so few people get it.


The conclusion is what remains in the minds of an audience long after they are done with your essay. They might now remember much, but they will remember your conclusion.


So, make sure that it is impressive enough to leave an impression.


And if trouble arises?


In that case, you will have to look for some help. Preferably from an online essay writing service. Why such a service? Because these services hire expert writers, of course.


They can help you in whatever way that you need. I suggest asking for a custom essay so that you can learn writing.


So, do ask around for these services.


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Allen Walter
272 posts
Sep 29, 2021
3:06 AM
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