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What are the best dog Clippers for thick coats?
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Oct 18, 2021
7:27 PM
Have you ever wondered the best heavy duty dog clippers? Probably not. Well it’s time that you should. There are many different types of dog grooming products available on the market today. And this can be very overwhelming for anyone whether you are a professional dog groomer or just someone looking to trim their pet's coat every now and again.

I have three dogs, all with thick coats. When my wife first brought home our first dog she had already picked out clippers for him to be groomed with. She bought the cheapest ones she could find (that were cordless) that were on sale. These clippers weren't great and she wasn't too impressed by the job they did on him.
Welch Lowery
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Oct 19, 2021
12:28 AM
Thick coats & matting. Wahl Animal KM10. Best heavy duty dog clippers. ...
All-around pro option. Wahl Professional Thick Coat Pet Clipper. Look like a pro. ...
Cordless option. Wahl KM Cordless. ...
Hansprou Pet Clippers. For those on a budget. ...
Wahl Professional Attachment Combs. Good for long-haired dogs.

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