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Pay Critical Attention to Do's and Don't of Essay
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Mac Leroy
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Oct 25, 2021
8:37 AM

School and college students are made to write a lot of assignments that are graded and doing them well enables a student to get good grades. In most of these writings, a essay writer is required to write essays be it an argumentative essay, descriptive, narrative, or expository. Expository essays include an exposition or the explanation of a certain idea or event which must be explained in a proper structure. This is something that students find difficult to do. An organized essay means the introductory topic ending with a thesis statement, followed by the main body paragraphs that end with a concluding paragraph. Some students can write such essays well, but for most, it is something challenging. Because they do not pay attention to some do’s and don’ts of writing the essay. In this post, you will find some do’s and don’t of expository essays that you should keep in mind while writing an write my essay.




  • Draft a clear thesis statement.

  • You can use your own experience to quote as examples.

  • Have three paragraphs as part of your main body.

  • Make a topic sentence for each paragraph. 

  • You should discuss only one idea in one paragraph.

  • You should explore both sides of the argument or the prompt.

  • Always cite when you quote a source be it direct or indirect (rephrase or paraphrase)

  • Use formal language.

  • Use a third-person pronoun.

  • Conclude and wrap-up your main points.



  • Focus on (re)telling the story. 

  • Exceed 2-3 sentences while giving examples.

  • Just agree to disagree (acquaint the reader with both sides).

  • Discuss more than one idea in a paragraph.

  • Repeat your ideas or sentences.

  • Use slang or informal language.

  • Use ‘I’ or ‘We’ in the essay.


You cannot write a good essay if you do not pay attention to these do’s and don’ts of writing it. Following all these do’s and don’ts will enable you to write a good and impressive essay. If you see an essay written by a professional essay writer, you will find that the essay meets all the criteria that are required for it. You can find such writers with any essay writing service available online. Not only can you get your essays written by those writers, but you can also get every type of paper, article, or even dissertation with minimum possible time. They have to provide quality work because of the competition. 


Approaching an essay writing service sometimes becomes inevitable. As sometimes you have a lot of work to do and it is virtually impossible for you to manage alone. At that time. they will provide you with much-needed assignment help and you will be able to submit your work on time. You can trust these services because they have to maintain their reputation and will do anything to keep it high. So, you can pursue them whenever you need them. At times, students do not understand the topic or the assignment that they are supposed to do, so in that scenario, these services will again help you out. But you should keep learning the requisite skills to write well from your instructors, peers, or even from the works of an essay writing service. Just practice writing essays and papers on your own so that you can come up with good and impressive essays.


Therefore, if you are a student and you do not know how to approach expository essays, this post would be of help to you in that regard. You just have to pay critical attention to the dos and don’ts of writing it.



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Nov 11, 2021
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