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How has Islamabad Improved its Road Safety Efforts
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Qasim Ali
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Nov 08, 2021
6:40 AM



Cities, villages, and towns are places where all people are free to travel in ways that are sustainable, safe, and healthy. In Pakistan road, safety is a major public health issue. Do you know? After every 5 minutes, someone is badly injured or killed in a road traffic accident in Pakistan. The economic cost associated with road accidents is estimated to be 3-5% of the total GDP. The Islamabad Traffic Police has adopted many strategies to prevent road accidents such as launching drives for awareness on road safety



Have you ever been to Islamabad? 


You want to, on the grounds that there, you will see the shades of the cutting edge civilization blended in with exceptionally old legacy, the lower regions of the Himalayas joined with enormous shopping centers and costly eateries. The interest that is connected to history and the obscure will keep on making us ponder and meander. Along with this there are many homes for sale in Rawalpindi too. This fixation has made thousands visit this authentic spot and will keep on doing as such for the coming years. This spot is really, a little town on the slants of the Margalla slopes which has unexpectedly been there for the beyond five centuries. This little town situated at 0 km from Islamabad has the most picturesque perspectives on the city just as the slopes, for the spectator.


Use of helmets

The authorities enforced the use of a helmet for all motorbike riders. A motorcyclist was given education on the importance of using helmets. To provide pillion riders an incentive to wear helmets, the Islamabad Traffic Police had bound the motorbike showrooms in Islamabad to provide two helmets with every motorbike sold in a city. 

National Road safety plan 

The national road safety plan was launched by the communication ministry for motorways and national highways to minimize the road accidents and mortality rates associated with road accidents. 

Awareness among people regarding road safety

The local authorities of Islamabad have taken the initiative to educate and motivate motorcyclists to wear a helmet and do not put their lives and others in danger. The campaign was initiated in which traffic police distributed helmets among motorcyclists. 

Please note: Traffic police will fine you if they caught you without a helmet. The fine of not wearing a helmet is 100 Rs, which will be given by both pillion and rider. 

Islamabad is a more secure spot to head out because of the presence of incorporated guidelines in regards to the wellbeing of the street. People who are looking for Properties For Rent Rawalpindi has most issues of traffic for themselves and their children. The compelling administration of street security has made Islamabad the best spot to live at whatever point street wellbeing is examined in Pakistan; the picture of weighty traffic, rash driver, and traffic signals popup to us.

In this chaos, one important aspect is overlooked, and that is the safety of roads in residential areas. At the time of selecting the area for residence, most of you neglect the aspect of road safety. Right? It is very important that you consider the road safety in a residential area as your kid’s plays and ride a bicycle, senior citizens visit nearby stores and walk, walker takes their pets out for a stroll and so on.  


Thinking as an international tourist, a remote village in a country with such a bad international reputation might not be on my bucket list. For this very reason, the place had to be reformed to provide efficient transport and life facilities. Accessing this, the Capital Development Authority of Pakistan initiated a project aiming to convert this village into a modern day tourist attraction with the provision of necessary facilities. The local community benefited a lot by this project as heavy investment came in due to the ever-increasing tourism potential of the region. This project was initiated in 2006 and completed in 2008. The city has become one of the tourism hotspots of the area since then. The development of several other housing societies nearby has helped in building the necessary infrastructure of the region to sustain the area. Development schemes like DHA Islamabad, which are known for their quality housings, have played their part in the development process. If you are looking for a DHA Islamabad house for sale, then Gharbaar is the place for you. Any details regarding the housing facilities and the relevant procedures can be seen at Gharbaar. The housing details and in person help that is provided by the people at Gharbaar is truly exceptional.


By keeping all this in mind, you will not get the ideal place to live expect Islamabad. Therefore, don’t stress over it and look for DHA Islamabad house for sale and make your dream come true. The local authorities of DHA Islamabad have taken steps to ensure road safety in sectors and market places. There is a law regarding the speed limit, which reduces the chances of accidents. Roads are designed by strategic planning that ensures safer roads. CCTV and speed breakers cameras are placed at different places. There are separate areas for car parking and vendors to avoid confusion and chaos. Islamabad has a complete management system of traffic. You can see proper signals, house and street indication signs, road barriers, reflective sign for night safety and direction, and 24/7 patrolling throughout Islamabad. There are pick up and drop off points that are designated for buses and cars. Alternate routes are present in and out of schools; therefore, you can travel easily without a congregation of vehicles in one location. 

Would you like to live in a more secure spot? On the off chance that indeed, hope to purchase a home in DHA Islamabad. is here to help you, a main land organization in Islamabad and it has many homes for rent in Rawalpindi. By profiting of their administrations, you can have your own home or plot with no problem.

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