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How to register and create a Facebook account on p
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Jan 04, 2022
1:58 AM

Facebook has reached 2.8 billion users in 2021, with such a huge number of accounts, Facebook has become a large community, with a lot of interesting information being shared and spread on this social network. If you are looking for a way to join Facebook, setting up a Facebook account is definitely the best way.

Once you have a Facebook nick, you can search, make friends, share happy and sad moods with friends, share interesting information, Livestream impressive scenes so your friends can see them firsthand like you are seeing. You can set up a sales fan page, groups to chat, chat, video call with friends, and many more interesting things.

Facebook is one of the most commonly used social networks today and you must be registered with Facebook to be able to use it. Don't worry, the following article will guide you to create a Facebook account on your phone and computer simply and quickly. Follow along!

1. What is Facebook? Benefits of using Facebook

Facebook is one of the largest and most popular social networks in the world today, helping people everywhere to connect and interact with each other through forms such as chatting, uploading photos, commenting. , keep track of new information, entertainment,...

Benefits of registering and using Facebook :

+ Helps you to chat with friends anytime, anywhere when you have an Internet-connected device.

+ The ability to find friends around is high, can make friends via email address or phone number.

+ There are many game applications for your entertainment and relaxation.

+ Features dating, sales and countless other attractive utilities.

2. How to create a new Facebook account on your phone

Step 1: Access the Facebook application.

If you haven't downloaded Facebook yet, download the app from CH Play (for Android ), App Store (for iPhone )

Step 2: Click CREATE NEW FACEBOOK ACCOUNT > Select Next.

Step 3: Enter Full and Name Your> Click Next.

Step 4: Set date of birth > Click Next.

Step 5 : Select Gender > Click Next .

Step 6: Enter your mobile number or virtual phone number > Click Next.

Or you can use email to sign up by clicking Sign up with your email address.

Step 7: Create Password for Facebook account > Click Next > Then select Register.

Step 8: Click Next to automatically confirm your account.

3. How to create a new Facebook account on a computer

Step 1: You access the Facebook homepage.

Step 2: Click on Create a new account.

Step 3: Enter some required information such as Full name, email address, password, date of birth, gender > Then click Register.

Step 3: Check your email > Enter the confirmation code sent to your email > Click Continue.

Step 4: Click OK to complete the registration.

After creating a new Facebook account, you can immediately log in to Facebook on your computer.

4. Answers to some related questions

Minimum age to create a Facebook account?

- Reply: You must be 13 or older to be able to create a Facebook account.

Why can't I create a Facebook account?

- Answer: The reason you can't create Facebook may be for a number of reasons as follows:

+ Use the phone number, email registered with another Facebook account.

+ Invalid username and password.

+ Wrong confirmation code, not activated by email.

Is it possible to set up 2 Facebook nicks with 1 phone number?

- Answer: With censorship mode from Facebook, users can only create and use 1 Facebook account with 1 phone number. In case you can create multiple accounts with the same phone number, it will also be disabled and cannot be used.

How do I get my nick back when I accidentally registered 2 nicks with the same phone number?

- Answer: To get your nick back when you missed registering 2 nicks with the same phone number, please refer to the article How to recover Facebook password when registering 2 nicks with 1 phone number

Created Facebook but can't log in?

- Answer: The error of not being able to log in to Facebook can be caused by many reasons such as your network connection, your password being incorrect, forgetting your phone number, forgetting your login email,...

The last article showed you how to register and create a Facebook account on your phone or computer simply and quickly. Wishing you success!

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