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What are the main factors affecting valve sealing?
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Jan 25, 2022
9:34 PM
The leakage of valves is very common in life and industrial production, and the impact is very large. It will cause waste in light, such as leakage of tap water valves, and serious consequences.

Such as the leakage of toxic, harmful, flammable, explosive and corrosive parts in the chemical industry, which seriously threaten personal safety, property safety and environmental pollution.

A valve that relies on external force to open and close is designed with a sealing device, which is used to install a certain number of packing sealing rings in the packing culvert to achieve the sealing effect, but how is the sealing condition?

The leakage at the packing of the valve is one of the most prone to leakage failures in the valve. The reasons can be roughly divided into the following aspects:

1. Sealing auxiliary structure

Under the change of temperature or sealing force, the structure of the sealing pair will change. However, this change will affect and change the force between the sealing pairs, thereby reducing the performance of the valve seal.

Therefore, when selecting valve seals, be sure to choose seals with elastic deformation. At the same time, pay attention to the width of the sealing surface. The reason is that the contact surfaces of the sealing pair cannot be completely matched. When the width of the sealing surface increases, the force required for the sealing should be increased.

2. Specific pressure of sealing surface

The specific pressure of the sealing surface affects the size of the valve seal and the service life of the valve. Therefore, the specific pressure of the sealing surface is also a very important factor. Under the same conditions, if the specific pressure is too large, the valve will be damaged, but if the specific pressure is too small, the valve will leak.

Therefore, we need to fully consider the appropriateness of the specific pressure when designing.

3. Physical properties of the medium


The physical properties of the medium also affect the valve sealing performance. These physical properties include temperature, viscosity, and hydrophilicity of the surface, among others. The temperature change not only affects the slackness of the sealing pair and the change of the size of the parts, but also has an inseparable relationship with the viscosity of the gas. Gas viscosity increases or decreases with increasing or decreasing temperature.

Therefore, in order to reduce the influence of temperature on the sealing performance of the valve, when designing the sealing pair, we should design it as a valve with thermal compensation such as an elastic valve seat. Viscosity is related to the permeability of the fluid.

When under the same conditions, the greater the viscosity, the less the penetrating ability of the fluid. The hydrophilicity of the surface means that when there is a film on the metal surface, the film should be removed. Because of this very thin oil film, it will destroy the hydrophilicity of the surface, resulting in blockage of fluid channels.

4. The quality of the sealing pair

The main quality of sealing is that we need to check the selection of materials, matching and manufacturing accuracy. For example, the valve identification and the valve seat cover are very consistent, which can improve the sealing performance.

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