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Etihad Airlines charges a fee for changing a fligh
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Apr 03, 2022
4:57 AM
1. If you change your ticket early, such as during the first few days, the airline will not charge you any cost or fee. You have until the final few hours before the flight's departure to make adjustments to your flight, according to the guidelines.

2. The cost of changing a ticket is determined by the kind of aircraft and the time you cancel your reservations.

3. You will be charged the specified amount of costs if you make modifications beyond the maximum time limit.

4. If you need to cancel or alter your flight due to an emergency such as a medical emergency or even death, you must present a legitimate document to claim for a refund.

5. Alterations can also be made by calling the reservation hotline or visiting the ticket counter.

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Apr 26, 2023
11:41 PM
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