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Best Dog breeds to keep as ESAs - 2022 Guide
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Peter Harvey
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Apr 04, 2022
11:12 PM

The concept of an emotional support animal became very popular due to its benefits for emotionally disabled people. Thousands of individuals have reported significant recovery from their emotional and mental disorder after adopting an esa letter online. Generally, people try to register their existing pets as an ESA. Some patients who do not have any pets have the option to choose other more exotic pets after consultation with their mental health physician. 



When we talk about an ESA, the first thing that comes to our mind is a cat or dog as both are traditional pets. But you will be surprised to know that many people have registered some uncommon pets as their ESA. I’m going to list down some reptiles that are being used as ESA Letter. Snakes, turtles, and Chameleons are the reptiles that are being used as medication for many emotional and mental disabilities. Some people consider reptiles more beneficial ESAs as compared to traditional ESAs. Here are some benefits that reptiles can bring to you being your ESAs. 


The purpose of keeping a reptile as an ESA is to derive emotional and social stability from other animals. Your continuous interaction with an ESA makes you feel better and helps you overcome your emotional imbalances. You can choose any reptile as your ESA as long as you feel comfortable in its presence. The only thing you should consider is that it must be able to behave properly in public places. So, if you feel comfortable in the presence of a lizard or turtle, you will be able to get all the benefits and comfort that an ESA provides. But keep in mind that your chosen reptiles have the legal privilege only if you have an ESA letter. An ESA letter enables you to move freely with your companion. You can check online sources for an emotional support animal letter which can help you understand what it means to have one.


If you have chosen a reptile as your ESA, it can be even more beneficial than, let’s say, a dog, as it is very easy to carry. You can enjoy the company of your reptile ESA for a longer time.If you have a lizard as your ESA, you can hold it in your hand while walking or doing any sort of work. The continuous touch of your ESA will make you feel secure. It will also help you  boost your self-esteem. Your tiny lizard can make your social gathering more vibrant and attractive for you. 


Generally, reptiles are very calm in nature and they do not make noise. This characteristic of reptiles makes them very easy for you to carry in public places without creating any mess. You can even bring your lizard to your workplace and can work while staying in touch with your emotional support dog letter as long as you have the letter. 


Moreover, reptiles need less attention as compared to traditional ESAs. They do not need frequent feeding. You do not need to spend a lot of time grooming them. 


So If you have decided to choose a reptile as your esa letter for housing, try to choose it according to your housing capacity. The other thing you should keep in mind is that your reptile can go missing very quickly. You should always keep an eye on it, especially in public places. You also need to provide them with proper living arrangements. 


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