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What must I do to write my dissertation in a secon
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May 12, 2022
11:55 PM

Do you have a research paper to complete within a few days? Have the deadlines come so close that you are almost gasping for breath? Then you must learn to relax, take a breath, focus your attention on your task and work on it.

You might struggle with arranging and managing vast lines of text over several pages. However, working on a dissertation or thesis is essential for students to proceed in their academics.

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Writing a research paper is stressful. You have to divide your time productively. It can help you get the most use of your spare time.

The greatest challenge poses to students who work on a thesis paper in a different language.  

Learning a new language takes time, and perfecting it demands more from you. You need to read books written in a foreign language. Reading books from different languages is complex and time-consuming. You need to have patience and persistence coupled with a passion for reading.

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Linguistic problems prevalent in thesis writing

Language barriers can be a severe issue in thesis writing that can take more than a year to complete. It is impossible to write 200 pages of a dissertation without making a single error.


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Students make mistakes in spelling, grammar, structuring sentences, and placing punctuation marks. In addition, they also fail to maintain consistency and relevance in their vocabulary.

To err is human – as the saying goes, defines the imperfections present in human nature.

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Pupils either place personal pronouns or fail to maintain the standardized guide on writing their thesis. As a result, they make mistakes while writing the dissertation in the second language. Such errors can negatively affect their marks and often reduce their final results' grades.  

Research papers are written in English by students from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. The complex barrier in communication poses a severe problem for students who have English as their second language.

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Cultural barriers prevalent in writing a research paper

International students who study in Western nations have to overcome cultural gaps while struggling with their education. The Journal of International Students mentioned research that was conducted on academics.

It revealed that the international students hailing from similar cultural backgrounds could operate more efficiently with one another than those from foreign nations. The study showed that knowledge and cultural values could affect the learning and interaction of an overseas candidate. Linguistic and cultural issues are always complex.

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Dec 30, 2022
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The greatest challenge poses to students who work on a thesis paper in a different language.
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Dec 30, 2022
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Writing a research paper is stressful. You have to divide your time productively. It can help you get the most use of your spare time.commercial truck suspension repair
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May 20, 2023
2:35 AM
Ensure that you have a strong command of the second language in which you plan to write your dissertation. Familiarize shell shockers yourself with academic vocabulary, sentence structure, and writing conventions specific to your field of study.
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Nov 20, 2023
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