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What are the Special USP of Risland Sky Mansion?
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Jun 10, 2022
4:36 AM

Chattarpur High Rise: When it comes to Uber luxury mansions, Risland's Sky Mansion is an excellent benchmark of luxury living in South Delhi, standing as the first 100-meter sky scrapper overlooking Aravalli Greens. Risland Holdings is a Hong Kong-based multinational real-estate conglomerate with a global presence and a diverse portfolio of completed projects.

  • There are four towers on a total of 4.10 acres of land.

  • Each floor has two flats.

  • The construction of 100-meter-high residential skyscrapers in Delhi's south suburbs has begun.

  • Total Smart Homes with Urban Energy has 160 units.

  • All of the units have central air conditioning.

  • The clubhouse is 33000 square feet.

  • Exclusive Swimming Pool 272 meter

  • Fivefold Landscaping Garden

Residents will benefit from the Risland Sky Mansion Floor Plan. Schools, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, shopping, and other services are all within walking distance of the project's location, which provides great road access. The Risland Sky Mansion Brochure can be downloaded to learn more about the project.

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