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Jul 18, 2022
12:24 AM

Have you ever read the opposite page of the editorial where the opinion section is highlighted?

Well, if yes then that is an op-ed.

If you do not know the exact meaning of an op-ed then first, I will explain what it means and then we will move to the next point.

An op-ed covers the personal opinion and theory of the author and it means instigating a healthy conversation and discussion among the readers. This part is not associated with any publication or media publisher but it solely comes from the author itself. So, you can not say that it is promoting some specific point of view.

Well, it does sound difficult, doesn’t it?

Writing an op-ed is not something that we deal with on a regular basis because people are usually not familiar with this section and this kind of writing. It might be easy for a professional essay writing service but for a new writer, it can be quite difficult to write it perfectly.

It makes the novice writer worry too, but you know what?

You don’t need to worry about writing an op-ed because you are at the right place to learn about it. I am outlining 10 steps for you with the help of which you can write a good op-ed.

So, let's stick to the blog and learn everything about op-ed writing.


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First, you have to Own an Opinion

The major mistake you can make here is not owning your own opinion but sticking to someone else’s opinion.

You have to avoid this mistake by having your own opinion and thinking about it properly before starting any op-ed. Knowing the desired effect of the op-ed, you can decide if your opinion really complements the whole situation or not. You have to put a lot of thinking into this process. As a good essay writeryou are supposed to use vivid imagery and all senses like smell, taste, touch, sight, and sound to make your essay perfect. So, do not just write an event, try to be creative.


Know your Audience

Once you have your opinion, it's time for you to know your audience.

Whenever you are about to start the work, you have to think about who your possible audience is because you have to write according to their level and understanding. It is a major mistake if you will think about a limited audience with a specific age group or class as op-eds are read by everyone. Do not be pedantic and try to be accurate in terms of fact because every audience likes it.


Start with an Attention Grabber

Are you willing to work with the traditional essay structure, introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion?

If you are planning to use this structure, then you are at fault here because the op-ed is different from an essay and you cannot follow the same structure for it. Forget this essay format and start with what you are best at. It's like you have to grab the audience by the lapels and shake. So, you can simply start from anywhere and any hook can work for you.

Sticking to the same format can be boring too.


Get Personal for Emotive Response

An anecdote can be a powerful tool for you to create an emotional response among the readers because it is one of the strategies that is used by the writers to convince the audience. People’s response is always strong for the emotional lines such as every medical news start with the introduction of the sufferer.

So, anecdotes work for you well in the starting paragraph and your audience will feel compelled too. I did the same when I had to write my paper for the op-ed section. It went really well for me though.


Prediction can be a Pitfall for you

I know you are giving your opinion in the op-ed, but you cannot make any predictions.

There are some people who can deal well with the prediction like the pundits, but you are not a pundit and op-eds are not for predictions. To prove your point right, you have to come up with some strong facts and sources because predictions only make you look foolish. So, stick to the factual information and be logical in your opinions. 


Recognize the Problem

You always tell an opinion about some issue or argument, therefore, you have to first recognize that the problem you are talking about exists. It means that you have to mention that the problem is still there and that this is your opinion on it. For example, the problem of global warming is very real in today’s world but many American politicians deny it.

So, in order to give your opinion, first know what the problem is and why it exists. Some understudies look for help from write my essay with their essay assignments.


Think before Suggesting Solution

Many op-eds do not have a solution section because your solutions are not always practical.

Op-eds are only about recognizing the problem and giving opinions and very few people talk about the solution because your solution needs to be practical which is quite tough. So, it's better if you avoid the part of the solution.


Put every point together

Organizing your thoughts and putting them together is very important if you want to write an effective op-ed. It means that you cannot write anything you want abruptly, and you have to take things smoothly. First, start with a hook or anecdote and then move towards other information.


Do not Demolish Straw Men

Do not make your argument on weak points because it will make your whole op-ed look fake and non-credible.


Proofread your Work

Once you are done with the op-ed, read it aloud to check if it makes sense or you can proofread it. You can ask a friend or take help from an essay writer online. They will assist you in pointing out mistakes and in correcting them.

These 10 steps can help you a lot in writing an op-ed. It will leave an impact on the readers and you will receive appreciation for it too. So, best of luck folks. 



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