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College classification essays - Guide 2022
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Jul 27, 2022
1:17 AM

Thesis statement examples for college classification essays – Guide 2022



Ahhh! Good old classification essays. They are really the easiest ones to write. Truly.


You just need to do a bit of research on topics and academic papers, then you can easily get it done. Writing a classification essay is no biggie. Your biggest concern should be on what you are going to write about.


A look at how online essay writing services can benefit you


I remember that as a student, I didn’t have many people who wanted to teach me. So, I ended up asking other people to do my essay for me. But that is never going to be you because I have the topic that you need to get you started.

But even that is not an issue. Not anymore. Not when I exist to help you out.


However, you won't ever be in that situation because I have the subject that will enable you to begin pursuing academic excellence.

Here they are.




Thesis Statement #1: YouTube Videos


Thesis: There are many types of YouTube videos but three of them are the most popular: tutorials, product reviews, and best-of videos.


Here, you will discuss the three types that you have mentioned at the end of your thesis. As an essay service, you should know that you will have to explain these types first. And also, give examples.

Thesis Statement #2: Facebook Users


Thesis: Among the different kinds of Facebook users, these three are the most notorious: relationship builders, town criers, and window shoppers.


This is a great thesis as it leaves the reader with a sense of mystery.

They don’t know exactly what these categories mean which means that they will be forced to read more.


Thesis Statement #3: Computers


Thesis: Computers come in a variety of shapes and sizes but this essay help will focus on three categories: minicomputers, mainframe computers, and supercomputers.


If you want an easy and interesting topic then you have got one.

This is a modern topic that focuses on modern technology. You can discuss how all these types are different from one another.


Thesis Statement #4: Roommates


Thesis: Everyone has had a roommate so it must be obvious that there are three types of roommates: the party animal, the clean freak, and the ghost.


This is a fun and easy topic for you to enjoy. You can write an essay on this one all on your own. Just think about the categories and do a little bit of prewriting. 


Thesis Statement #5: Parenting Styles

Thesis: Parents can have different types of styles but these three styles are the most common: authoritative, uninvolved, and indulgent.


If you want to lay a critique on parents then THIS IS YOUR CHANCE. Talk about the different parenting styles and how they are beneficial. Or not.


All of them have their pros and cons so there is a lot to discuss here.

Thesis Statement #6: First Dates


Thesis: First dates are usually stressful but the important thing to note is that they are based on locations such as a coffee date, movie date, or dinner date.


Another fun topic. And since this topic is a bit narrow, you will have to apply loads of critical thinking skills to get started on this.


Thesis Statement #7: Christmas Gifts

Thesis: These are the types of Christmas gifts one is most likely to get: the generic gift, the gift that a person wants, and the gift that one needs.


Christmas is a time of celebration and this means loads of gifts. But even these gifts have their categories.




So, here are your ideas.



I have given you 7 great thesis topics to begin your essay.




Now, all you need to do is get down to that introduction of yours. Once you write down the thesis statement, you will breeze past your essay in no time. Now, you will be able to do task like if someone requests you to do my papers for me.



Sometimes we get the things we truly need and other times we just get a scented candle.



Yes, it truly is that easy. And if not, then there is always a writing service to consider like SharkPapers.


Mindy Robert
8 posts
Jul 27, 2022
2:17 AM
Thanks for sharing, I found a lot of interesting information here. A really good post, very thankful and helpful that you will write many more posts like this one.

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