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Oh Canada! Apps Say “Bonjour!”
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Elizabeth Navarro
3 posts
Aug 10, 2022
11:50 AM
To all of our French speaking fans in Canada we have very exciting news for you today!!More details here plant identification by picture . Due to popular demand, our Dictation and Search applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch now support Canadian French and are immediately available as a free download on the Canadian iTunes store!

So whether you are racing down the snowy slopes of Quebec or enjoying some shopping in St. John’s, our Mobile Apps help you stay connected with your favorite folks in the most natural way possible---all you have to do is speak and does the rest! Speak text for Twitter updates, emails, SMS messages, and even run a quick web search to find the best café in town--- in either French or English – your choice!!

Our Mobile Apps for Canadian French join our growing roster of available languages which now includes US, UK and Australian English, European French, German, Italian, Japanese, and European and Americas Spanish. And wherever you happen to be, you can easily toggle between all of our supported languages -- it really is all about YOU!

Do you have a Mobile Apps story to share – if so, we want to hear it! We’d love to hear more about how you use our Dragon Mobile apps.

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