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Smith Jones
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Sep 20, 2022
4:23 AM is now offering a 55% discount on accounting courses due to the approaching festive season. These discounts can help students enrol for the best courses on our website without burning a hole in their pockets.

Accounting courses are now getting more integrated into different marketing fields, making it compulsory for students to learn these courses. As a result, our experts at are now bringing courses on Financial Analysis (Ratio analysis) at a discounted price.

Apart from the chapter on Introduction to Accounting (Fundamental Accounting for Small Business), the course has other significant sections that solidify the course. Here are the following topics which you’ll learn from our course -
?Budgeting and forecasting
?Revenue recognition courses
?Raising money and valuations
?Technical analysis
?Corporate finance

Therefore, you can easily access our courses and quality materials to enhance your study experience. The courses provide the best support for the part-time students as well. If you somehow miss a class, our experts regularly update them with new materials and details. Here are more details of our online courses that explain the accessibility and other reasons to choose us.

?The courses have unique study materials with easy video tutorials and live sessions.

?The students get a curated feedback form and question papers after each course. Through these papers, the students can directly put their thoughts about the course. Alongside, the test papers are used to check the newly learned skills.
?From these courses, the students can avail themselves of after-class services through Q/A sessions and direct communication with the experts.
?The materials are easy to access from computers, laptops, phones and tabs.
?The courses have no expiry date. Therefore, you can easily log in, sign up and rewatch the class records by pausing them and re-downloading them at your convenience.
?The courses come with easy practice sheets along with answer sheets. Furthermore, they include different samples on various accounting sums that is easy to practice.

These certified online courses are delivered by a team of 5000+ professionals for over a decade. The team works relentlessly to provide quality service and study sessions for students.

So, if you have more questions regarding our offers, connect with us at or mail us at

Summary: Want to enjoy new discounts on accounting courses? Then join and avail 55% discount during this festive season. Sign up now at


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Sep 21, 2022
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