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Oct 08, 2022
10:31 PM
"I don't know who proposed to take a boat to break the waves and go to the sea, I don't know who proposed that Xiao Qi is the daughter of the sea emperor, we want to really feel the majesty of the sea.." "Qin Xiao, I'll destroy you." The dark rock, which was walking unsteadily on the deck, could not help it, regardless of its own dangling, and several times it wanted to vomit and rushed toward Qin Xiao. Qin Xiao, you hate to mention this matter, now he does not know how much regret to put forward this idea, he regrets, regrets, this life has done the most regretful thing is to propose to leave the boat to the foot of the snow mountain. This is really a ***ing proposal without any feasibility, but why? Why did all these people agree to it? It was a unanimous vote. Whoo, whoo. Dark rock at the moment really want to cry, at this time he does not have the appearance of evil childe, at this time he does not have the appearance that can make the four beautiful maidservants blush and heartbeat. Just as Xiao Qi and Bei Junmo were thinking about how such a "weak" dark rock could "destroy" Qin Xiao, the dark rock fell on the deck in a very small swing of the ship. Ha ha ha ha. Qin Xiao laughed without any face, and the image of Jia Childe was gone. Dark Rock Dark Rock at this time like a tortoise fell on the deck in all directions, that way to say how ugly to say how ugly. This face is really lost to the boundary point, God,PET blow moulding machine, he Qin Xiao absolutely does not admit that this such a tasteless person is his half-brother, this is really a disgrace to their Qin family. Xiao Qi and Bei Junmo could not care so much at the moment and laughed wildly. Image, image, but when they see the dark rock like this, they really have no image to speak of. At this time two people where there is a cold and cold look, two people already can not laugh. Xiao Qi even laughed and added insult to injury without the love of the dark emperor. Dark rock, I really do not understand, so steady,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, how can you be dizzy? This is obviously the same as peace. Dark Rock was both humiliated and depressed. How did he know he would be dizzy? How did he know he was a dragon on land and a worm in the sea? I want to know that I can still show you. Lying on the deck and unable to get up, Dark Rock simply lay sideways. Really, if I knew I would be seasick, I would not have proposed to take a broken ship. Even if they proposed, Dark Rock could find a hundred reasons to refuse. Mimi eyes, dark rock so lying looking at the blue sky, suddenly found so lying pretty good, back to the deck overhead blue sky, sea breeze blowing, not so dizzy. Unfortunately, what Xiao Qi said next made Dark Rock even more depressed. Darkrock, if you had known, let me know. I'll prepare some medicine for you in advance to prevent seasickness, and I guarantee that you will have a dragon on board. This little seven is sincere, as a miracle doctor, water bottling line ,CSD filling line, even a seasickness medicine can not be matched out, that is a disgrace. Xiao Qi, what about now? Can you match it now? Hear the words of small seven, dark rock actually a carp roll, the whole person from lying down to stand up. The speed and speed of the process is amazing. Dark Rock, are you sure you're not faking your seasickness? "Dark Rock, are you still seasick?" Xiao Qi asked with some uncertainty, "There is something wrong with the dark rock like this, absolutely there is something wrong with it." Xiao Qi, don't worry about this first. Can you tell me the medicine to prevent seasickness now? Dizzy, dizzy, dizzy, how can he not be dizzy? But when he heard that there was medicine to prevent seasickness, he was not dizzy. God, Xiao Qi is really the lucky star you gave me. I want medicine to prevent seasickness. Seasickness is really too painful. This is the first time that Xiao Qi has seen this kind of dark rock. This kind of dark rock is like a person who has lost all his belongings in gambling and heard that there is still a son waiting to be snatched at home. But Xiao Qi had to let Dark Rock down. I'm sorry, this time I brought all the medicines for poison, elixir and even tonic, but I didn't bring any medicines to prevent seasickness. I didn't think any of us would get seasick. "Xiao Qi." Dark Rock's face was miserable, and just when everyone thought he was going to say something sad, he actually. Words to the reader: Poor Dark Rock.. 351 Wet Updated July 29, 2010 17:08:40 Words: 1656 I'm going to throw up.
” As soon as the four words were finished, he hurriedly ran to the side of the boat and held the mast in his arms and vomited wildly. The sudden action made the three people stay again. Dark Rock, you are so precious. I never thought you were a treasure, but this time I really found that you have such potential. You seem to be pretending to be a demon. The three of them laughed again. Life in the dull and calm sea area of Dark Rock has become colorful because of you. The dark rock that vomited more and more managed to stop a little, and his pale face flushed a little because of the huge vomit just now. You three remember that if I don't avenge myself on land, I won't be called Dark Rock. It's really a pile of living tea sets and cups. The same person, the same person with strong martial arts, and even share a father with someone, for the shrimp family is not dizzy, for the shrimp family does not vomit, he dark rock does not make dizzy seven dizzy eight elements also vomit up and down. Bei Jun, who was in a good mood, corrected his face and picked up his cool appearance. Are you sure you can get revenge on the three of us? Look down upon, north gentleman silent this tone, this air, this tone is clearly look down upon dark rock, do not believe in dark rock. Dark rock that is called a gas ah, looking at the arrogance of Bei Junmo, looking at the pride of Qin Xiao, watching the drama, that is called a uncomfortable ah. Turned around and shouted into the middle of the sea. Hai Huang, you are so unfair. Why do you bully me? Dark rock voice just fell, suddenly a big wave hit over. La la la la.. Dark rock childe Leng there was a hit, all over. Yes, from head to toe, all dripping with water. Ah Ha ha ha ha. Misery mixed with guffaw sounded at the same time, busy sailors do not know what happened here, thinking that a few people were startled by the waves,PET bottle Mold, hurriedly to the four people on deck. Childe, young lady. There will be a big flight later, and there will be a big wave. You must be careful on deck lest you be hit by the waves or be swept into the sea. ?

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