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Oct 08, 2022
10:33 PM
"Don't worry, Fu Jun.". The old man will settle these people properly. Tong Hui handed his hand to lead the way. When he first learned that Cai Ji was a woman, Tong Hui was really taken aback. After all, he had just presided over the extermination of locusts with Cai Ji a few months ago, but at that time he did not see that this little Cai Fujun was actually a daughter. However, it was with the previous cooperation that Tong Huicai accepted the girl Satrap in front of him without any obstacles. Because in his opinion, whether Cai Ji is a man or a woman, the important thing is that she has the talent to govern Donglai. This kind of talent is particularly precious in today's troubled times. So whether it is out of the appreciation of Cai Ji, but also for the consideration of the people of Donglai, Tong Hui felt it necessary to help him. Faced with the support of Tong Hui and other county magistrates, Cai Ji was also deeply grateful. It should be noted that when she decided to announce the identity of the woman, she was ready to lose part of the prefectures. To know that this era of prefectures and counties have a high degree of financial and military independence, if the county magistrate below is dissatisfied with the county government, then the drama of offering the city to neighboring countries will be staged at any time and anywhere. Fortunately, however, four months later, all the county magistrates in Donglai finally chose to be loyal to Cai Ji. Of course, can have such a result,artificial grass panels, in addition to benefit from Cai Ji's outstanding performance in the previous year, but also more or less with its busy after the announcement of identity to send troops to suppress bandits. Yes. Since Guo Tu returned to Yecheng contentedly with hay. Cai Ji and tardif took the military forces to the prefectures and counties of Donglai County to suppress bandits. Although tardif and others will this time the bandit suppression action as a good opportunity to train and recruit new recruits. But Cai Ji knew very well in her heart that her so-called bandit suppression was essentially preaching force to the prefectures and counties below. Let those who are ready to move understand what will happen if they betray the county government at this moment. And tardif training out of the Donglai soldiers also didn't let cai Ji disappointed. In the past four months, Donglai soldiers have swept through various prefectures. Those thieves who dared to disobey the will of the government are now all warnings hanging on the city gate. While Cai Ji stood under the "booty" and watched contentedly as a new group of refugees were taken down to divide the land, Tong Hui asked him, "Fu Jun, more and more refugees will come to Donglai in the future. Fu Jun plans to take in one by one? One by one, their taxes will be reduced or exempted. "Yes.". This mansion is to let the world know that those who come to Donglai and open up wasteland will be exempted from money and grain,artificial coconut palm trees, and those who plunder will be killed without mercy! Cai Ji stood with his hands folded. Those who open up wasteland are exempted from money and grain; those who plunder are killed without mercy-what a big tone. Tong Hui secretly praised Cai Ji's extraordinary courage in his heart, but at the same time, he reminded him worriedly: "Fu Jun is ambitious, and I deeply admire him.". It's just that it costs a lot of money and food to resettle the refugees. Fu Jun has now reduced the taxes of the counties, so how can the county government resettle the new refugees in the future? When Cai Ji heard Tong Hui's question, he couldn't help turning around and saying, "Don't worry, the magistrate of Tong County.". It won't be long before someone sends money and food to the county government. "Someone sent money and food?" Tong Hui asked curiously. You should know that in this world, there are many rich families who can give a sum of money to support the government to open up wasteland, but there are not many rich people who may have long supported the government to accept refugees to open up wasteland. Could it be that the young girl Fu Jun was supported by a rich man like Mi Zhu in Xuzhou? Faced with Tong Hui's questioning, Cai Ji immediately cast his eyes on the north and said with a smile, "Yes.". Therefore, the Japanese government of the Ming Dynasty will set off back to Huang County to welcome the God of Wealth. —————————————————— A new volume has been opened, outdoor ficus tree ,outdoor ficus tree, welcome to collect and fatten ~ vote to kill ~ PS, the starting point of the 8 o'clock file is really not awesome ~ It took more than an hour to pass a text light to log in ~ Cheat my father ~ ~ Goo ~ ~ () B I'd better change it back to the 11 o'clock file ~ ~ Section 2 Longkou Commercial Port The Central Plains in May, just like the south of the Yangtze River in April, is the early summer season when green pagoda trees and willows swallow new cicadas. People took off their heavy cloth robes and replaced them with light summer clothes made of silk and linen. Silk fabrics of the Han Dynasty are collectively called silks, which can be subdivided into more than ten items, such as silk, silk, silk, plain silk, silks, strips, Luo, brocade, Lian, Ling, Man, yarn, weaving and so on.
"Silk" refers to plain woven fabrics made of raw silk; "plain" refers to white raw silk; "refined" refers to white cooked silk; "tsuo" means fine silk, and "" means fine silk with double filaments; "tsuo" means silk that has not been dyed, that is, has not been specially treated; and "man" is a silk fabric without patterns, coloring, or literary grace; "Silk" is interpreted as "big silk" in Shuowen, and then it generally refers to silk fabrics with fine texture, but not too light. As for "Qi" and "Ling", those who weave plain patterns are Qi, and those whose light is like a mirror with flowers are Ling. "Yarn" is "spinning and weaving also, light for the yarn, crepe for the hub. Crepe also refers to a thin silk fabric with a wrinkled surface. "Luo" refers to thin, smooth, elegant and breathable silk fabrics; "brocade" often refers to jacquard fabrics with large color patterns; "Zhicheng" is a kind of precious fabric, similar to silk fabrics with weft patterns and consistent patterns on both sides. Of course, in this era, silk is still a luxury that the common people can not enjoy. As a result, the big fellow's Dou Sheng Xiaomin had to wear undyed linen robes in summer, from which the word "Bai Ding" was derived. However, on this day, a double set of big food carriage suddenly appeared in Huangxian County, where the streets were full of "white people". I saw that the whole Nanmu frame, hanging on all sides of the best Shu brocade, in the light of the sun is particularly dazzling. A fresh breeze swept through the fragrance and attracted the pedestrians on the road to stop and watch. Who is so rich? "" "Is it not a wealthy merchant newly recruited by Duan Cao?" "That makes sense.". Look,faux grass wall, this car is going to the wharf outside the city. "Since the Longkou commercial port was built outside the city, the number of merchants coming to Huangxian has been increasing day by day.". All the inns in the city are full. "Yes, I won't be surprised if Mi Zhu of Xuzhou and Liu Ba of Bashu come to Donglai in the future." ?

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