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The legitimate daughter is not allowed to be spoil
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Oct 08, 2022
10:38 PM
"Oh, our family's Xiang Rong has grown up a lot, and in a few days, maybe Grandma won't be able to hold our little grandson." Lady Sun was not very old, but it was a pity that women in ancient times were not very strong, because the daughters of big families never worked as coolies, so naturally they had no strength in their hands. Yes, Xiang Rong has grown a lot recently, and his body is also fleshy. He loves running and jumping very much. He grows fast. Speaking of her son, Mrs. Yan is also smiling and has the happiness of being a mother. By the way, mother, you call the child over. What's the matter? Mrs. Yan remembered that she had been called over by Lady Sun, and that Lady Sun had specifically ordered her to bring Xiang Rong here. Holding Li Xiangrong in her arms, Lady Sun was actually looking up and down at Li Xiangrong to see how he was. "I heard that you are closer to Tianlian today?" "Yes, Tian Lian often lives in the children's room and walks around, and he has a good relationship with Xiang Rong." Thinking that Yin Tianlian had done a lot of things for herself, Mrs. Yan said a few good words for Yin Tianlian. "In fact, Tianlian is a very good woman. She is gentle and virtuous. If the second uncle is with Tianlian, I believe Tianlian will take good care of the second uncle." "Oh, you seem to have a good impression of Tianlian?" Lady Sun held Li Xiangrong in her arms for a while, and her hands were a little sore. Fortunately, Li Xiangrong was also an active man. After being hugged by Lady Sun for a while, she clamored to go to the field to run. "Lady Sun put Li Xiangrong on the ground,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, and Li Xiangrong immediately ran away and was taken care of by the little servant girl." Heaven's pity is not bad. Lady Yan was supposed to be a good child, but she blushed when Lady Sun said this. Because she remembered that the reason why she said so today was that Yin Tianlian not only helped her bring Li Xiangrong, but more importantly, on weekdays, Yin Tianlian stuffed her with a lot of good things. As the saying goes, take people's hands short, eat people's mouth short, she received the benefits of Yin Tianlian, naturally in front of the elders to put in a good word for Yin Tianlian. Uh Lady Sun nodded,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, and even if Lady Yan didn't make her words clear, with Lady Sun's sophistication, she naturally understood the meaning of Lady Sun's blush. To tell you the truth, mother, the second uncle is not young, there should be a considerate woman around to take care of. Not to mention whether Yin Tianlian is really good or not, he has already entered the door of our Li family, and he is the second uncle's son. For the sake of the Li family's incense, should the mother also persuade the second uncle? You know, Li Musheng still loves Mrs. Yan very much on weekdays, so Mrs. Yan knows why Li Haosheng refuses to touch Yin Tianlian today. The child listens to the husband to say, the second uncle actually in the heart all the time'live 'a person. That person is a letter, mother also understands, it is hopeless two people, why second uncle is so persistent, affirmation is to do not have a result. Mother, silk cherry blossom tree ,Faux cherry blossom tree, have you ever thought about letting uncle accept another woman first? Think of Yin Tianxi married to Jane yuanjie, but also firmly grasped the heart of Li Haosheng, Mrs. Yan felt that Yin Tianxi that woman is really not simple. Yin Tianlian sometimes a face of grievance, she asked curiously, do not ask good, asked to know that the original Yin Tianxi is such a woman, the second uncle is really infatuated with the wrong pay. That Yin Tianxi is not a good daughter, I heard that in the early years when the Yin family was not out of line, relying on himself as the legitimate daughter of the Yin family, he was very fierce to heaven. The marriage of the Jane family, which at first belonged to the pity of heaven, was snatched away by Yin Tianxi with the identity of his own daughter. I really don't understand what else the second uncle can be sentimentally attached to. "Listen to you, you are not very optimistic about Yin Tianxi, think that Tianlian is better than Yin Tianxi?" She didn't know what kind of person Yin Tianxi was. But knowing that Haosheng liked it, she sent someone to inquire about it. Before marrying into the Jane family, in fact, in the Yin family, Yin Tianxi has no mother's protection, has been the role of bullying. Unexpectedly today reversed, is Yin Tianxi has been pressing Yin Tianlian with Yin Tianke. Another thing, and Jane's marriage is indeed Yin Tianxi himself, but the situation at that time forced Yin Tianxi to do so.
As far as she knew, the original engagement of the Jane family was Yin Tianlian, but Yin Tianlian was unwilling to marry because of Jane yuanjie's physical problems. Later, Yin Tianqi, the eldest son of the Yin family, deceived Haosheng, saying that the woman Haosheng saw in the Yin family was actually Yin Tianlian rather than Yin Tianxi. Had it not been for this, perhaps Haosheng would have been able to become husband and wife with Yin Tianxi as he wished. Fortunately, Haosheng told her in advance that Yin Tianlian was not as beautiful as she saw on the surface, otherwise, she would have been cheated by Yin Tianlian! Sharing happiness is nothing for women, but it is difficult to share hardships. Everyone did not dare to marry Jane's eldest son, Yin Tianxi married in the past, guarding the half-dead Jane's eldest son to this step today. Even if Yin Tianlian said something, it would not affect her impression of Yin Tianxi. In her eyes, Yin Tianxi is absolutely a rare good child. "Well, I won't say much about other things.". You should know that Xiang Rong is now the only grandson of our Li family, and he can't make any mistakes. From today on, you can't let other'strangers' get close to Xiang Rong. If anything happens to Xiang Rong, I'll ask you! As soon as Li Xiangrong was involved, Lady Sun became particularly severe. As soon as Li Haosheng reminded him, Sun Fu spent a little time to find out more clearly about the Yin family. Although Lady Sun was not very clear about who was right and who was wrong, it was necessary to guard against others. Xiang Rong is the lifeblood of the Li family, and she won't allow anyone to hurt Xiang Rong. Mother, what do you mean by that? Is there anyone who is not good for Xiang Rong?! Mrs. Yan was startled by Mrs. Sun's serious attitude, but she became nervous at the thought that it had something to do with Li Xiangrong's safety. Not only does the Li family attach importance to Li Xiangrong, but she, as a mother, naturally loves her son even more. After thinking about it, Mrs. Yan could not think of another "stranger" in Mrs. Sun's mouth except Yin Tianlian. Take care of Li Xiangrong's wet nurse but dry pick ten thousand choices,silk olive tree, if there is a problem, Lady Sun would have rushed, the other old Mammy is also Lady Sun's side.

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