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Oct 08, 2022
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Can be strong, such as the Lord of Chaos, and so on, that can only be slightly worse than the virtual true Demon God, from the performance of the virtual true Demon God, the top Lord of the universe is much stronger than himself. The strongest treasure'Star Tower 'guards the soul, robs the armor to protect the body, more than 90000 kilometers of divine body.. The strongest in the universe should not be able to do anything about me. Well, I have to get the Star Tower back quickly. Luo Feng felt more and more that he was too confident, and the power of the strongest man in the universe this time made him sober. The two-faced ancestral God turned around and looked at Luo Feng: "The news that you killed Lord Fanguang and the Venerable Zhong Zhan spread, especially as soon as you appeared on Bauhinia Island, I talked about you with the other two ancestral gods.". The Zerg, the Mechanical Clan, and the Demon Clan will endure for a while, but they may attack after a long time. So the day after you came to Bauhinia Island, I lived in the palace next to you. "Xie Zu Shen." Luo Fenglian Road. This heart.. You have to remember! Return a debt of gratitude! "You are the most promising one in the recent long years of my ancestral religion.". Your potential is stronger than that of the Venerable Purple Rain. The two-sided ancestral God looked at Luo Feng with a smile. "Our ancestral God religion hopes that you will grow up to be comparable to your teacher, the Lord of Chaos.". At that time, my ancestral God church will have a position of'guardian God 'for you. On the first day of the New Year, did you vote for the monthly ticket? Chapter 14 The Favor of the Universe Chapter 10 of the second stem: Zaiyu's Favor: "Protector of Religion?" Luo Feng was surprised to find that the Lord of Nine Youths was the guardian of the Ancestor God,fake ficus tree, who was already the highest level of the peripheral members of the Ancestor God, second only to the ancestral God, comparable to the beast God. () "No wonder he helped me so much. He was so optimistic about me that he wanted me to be the guardian of religion.". & # o39; "& # o39; Luofengdao I am now facing the strongest in the universe, and I still need the strongest treasure to protect me! But once you step into the main plane of the universe, -…… The divine power soars again, and Rong's consciousness can naturally soar again. [ "At that time, even if you don't use the soul treasure,faux ficus tree, you are not afraid of the illusion of the virtual true demon God." Luo Feng's secret way. Now their own strength is very strong, dare to fight with the Lord of the universe. Can meet the strongest people in the universe, or have to rely on the star tower to save their lives, it seems that as the strongest person in the universe'sitting on the mountain guest 'is the most accurate to see, originally said Luofeng battle star tower..' Is enough to traverse the universe without fear. Another meaning of this is that without the Star Tower, Luofeng could not reach the level of not fearing any existence in the universe. 1 Understand Zu Shenjiao Gu intentions, but Luo Feng is still feeling. After all, people look up to you, so they will do so, and according to their own investigation, there is no conflict between the ancestral religion and the human race, plus the ancestral religion promised in those years. Once they join the peripheral members, such as human beings, they will never let the strong human beings deal with the human race, silk ficus tree ,large ficus tree, and even the peripheral members can refuse a task request. If the virtual true demon God deals with you once, you should also know that the Zerg, the Mechanical Clan and the Demon Clan will kill you How heavy the heart is. The two-faced ancestor God looked at Luo Feng. "Think about what you should do." ".8 ?" Luo Feng nodded solemnly. " Of course, there is no need to panic too much, the virtual true demon God is the strongest in the universe, what kind of identity? It's not cheap to ask him to do it. Ran has already made a move and failed again. At least the virtual true demon God will never come to the ancestral religion to assassinate the second time, want to invite another universe's strongest, ha ha. It's not easy. I'm afraid the Zerg, the Mechanical Clan and the Demon Flag are not necessarily willing to give up. After all, they failed once. If they fail the second time, isn't it equal to the treasure of the outside world? Two-sided rent God smiled, "how to do, you think about it, I will return to the ancestral shrine.". The two-sided ancestral God immediately turned his head. Just three steps, "the figure has been blurred, completely disappeared." Huizu Shrine? Luo Feng secretly nodded, what is the identity of the ancestral God, Dezuo in the side to help from the city. Two. This is already a big favor. You can't always be your own bodyguard. Return to the Kingdom of God first. Luo Feng turned around and went directly to his mansion hall. Leave the Bauhinia Island, the Kingdom of God, and return to the Kingdom of God.
The endless sea is constantly sensing the origin of the universe, absorbing divine power and continuing to transform, after all, from immortality to the universe, only one eighth of the volume (10 billion kilometers in diameter) has completed the transformation.. Now it is continuing to improve. The Tower of Stars. Silver armor and silver wings of Luofeng standing on the sea, a distant golden-horned beast flying, into a million kilometers long golden-horned beast's head is a huge star tower, the star tower has become a hundred thousand kilometers long. Over the years, the golden-horned beast has been studying the secret carving of the Star Tower. The secret pattern carving of the Star Tower is extremely abstruse and complex, and layer by layer, as if the mountains were covered by white zero, which makes people unable to see thoroughly! Luo Feng is the same now. Now he only vaguely discerned the three layers of secret lines, only fully understood the first layer, which was the least obvious, and of course the second layer was also very fast. "Come on," Luo Feng stretched out his hand. Whoa! The tower of stars in the distance flew immediately, shrinking as it flew, and when it fell into Luofeng's palm, it was only the size of a walnut. Guard the soul. Luofeng mind a move, the star tower instant value into the Luofeng God body, and then directly suspended in the central position of the chest of Luofeng body, the original'tower bead 'at the moment is naturally directly flying back to the star tower, complete return. A single tower bead has the effect of guarding the soul. Zhiqiang Zhibao Star Tower.. I don't know how much stronger it is in guarding the soul. "Countless silk threads of divine power spread with the Star Tower as the core." It seems to be a network laid by the Star Tower. It spreads all over the whole body of Luofeng. Every life seal in the divine power is directly and completely guarded together. This makes Luofeng sigh that it is really too strong. Tazhu Moraine guards the soul as if it were a huge rock. The Star Tower guards the soul, but it is like a towering mountain. That kind of stability is stronger than before. I don't know how much. It is indeed the strongest treasure. Luo Feng secretly pleased,large artificial blossom trees, no wonder that a strong treasure value can be the treasure of the town clan, the treasure of the town religion. Even the strongest in the universe, there are many who are not the strongest and the most precious.

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