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Oct 08, 2022
10:45 PM
Suddenly, the pulling power of the soul is reduced. The tide of heaven and earth, the waves of the divine world are becoming more and more ferocious, and everyone feels dizzy. Brahma is fine, but also breathless: "Ladies and gentlemen, we are very likely to be the first group of people who do not faint to death when they enter the divine world. When a general master of terror enters the divine world, he will be stunned to death by this violent energy frenzy. After entering the divine world, those who are lucky will be saved and become slaves, while those who are unlucky will faint to death in the wild mountains and be eaten by divine beasts.." Everyone listened to his words and wanted to ask, but in this case they would be discouraged. Boom! Another divine thunder fell down fiercely, and the strongest divine thunder appeared in the depths of the divine tide. If this divine thunder fell into the fairy world, the whole era would be completely changed. Hum. The crowd felt that they were really dizzy with this shock, and blood spurted wildly. With a loud roar, Yang Qi urged the mark of the gods to move again, and the golden energy was injected into the people's bodies to cure their injuries: "Never faint to death. After arriving at the divine world, we must immediately improve our strength, otherwise we will be captured as slaves and become believers." Only then did they wake up and struggle to support themselves, and they did not know how long it had been, but they all relied on Yang Qi's continuous maintenance of the people. Finally, a sudden strong storm swept through, and everyone felt sent out. I don't know what world I have reached. Chapter 1142 struggling to survive. The ordeal is over. The whole body relaxed, but everyone was dizzy and did not know where they had reached. Only Yang Qi came to his senses, and he kept his head clear from beginning to end. Boom! The first thing he saw was a huge storm enveloping him, flying into a bright exit, and then landing hard, he saw a huge ocean, scattered islands, dense forests, broad horizons, endless world, in front of him. But what the world was, he could not see clearly at all, so he was smashed down by the storm and fell to the ground. He immediately ran the True Qi in his body, trying to stabilize his body, stand in the air and glide. Unfortunately, it backfired. The True Qi in his body only runs in his body, and shrinks into a pitiful little bit, with only a trace of Qi feeling. He seems to have returned to the secular world. In the capital city of Yan in the fertile mainland, there is no situation when he practices to reach the fifth stage of violent Qi. Boom! He was hit and fell to seven meat and eight vegetables. Fortunately, there is a beach below. If it is a hard rock, I'm afraid my head will be broken and bleeding. But the True Qi is still scattered and feels difficult to support. At this time, screaming again and again, everyone fell down, fell more miserably. But the only thing that was complete was Biluo, and the grunt in her hand suddenly burst out with a bubble, wrapped around her and herself, and slowly landed. Brahma also fell on the beach with a look of ecstasy on his face. After panting for a while, he managed to run the True Qi in his body for a few weeks and looked at this piece of heaven and earth: "Haha, this is the divine world, interactive kiosk price , the real divine world.." I'm back again. Cough, cough. As he spoke, he couldn't turn his breath and coughed violently. "Yes, yes, we were lucky to fall to the beach and not to the stone, otherwise we would have died immediately." "So dangerous?"? Didn't all the people who reached the divine world in the secular world in history die, and few of them survived? Yang Qi sat on the beach, accumulating strength, and stood up for a while. Looking at the turbulent sea in front of him, the pressure arose spontaneously. His mental strength wanted to feel the law between heaven and earth, but as soon as he wanted to fly out of the sea, he felt that the law around him seemed to block him. Between every move, there is a great deal of restraint, and if you want to jump, you can only jump a few feet. Boom! A tide rushed ashore, and the force of the ebb pulled Yang Qi's body into the ocean. Brahma's face changed: "Quickly, quickly, stabilize your body. Never reach the ocean. There are divine fish in the depths of the ocean. Attacking us will suck all our blood." Yang Qi hurriedly stabilized his body and ran out of the beach in a few steps.
Whoa Sure enough, a half-foot-long fish jumped up from the tide, opened its big mouth, sharp fangs, and bit Yang Qi mercilessly, very fast, just like a martial arts master. Yang Qi hurriedly dodged, but the speed was not as fast as the fish, was bitten on the arm, immediately arm pain, crunching sound, it seems to be chewed to pieces. Does a fish have so much power? Yang Qi in the heart hurriedly startled, hurriedly run true evil ten thousand plunder not bad body, the whole body is hard, this fish unexpectedly did not bite through his arm, his fierce fist, mercilessly hit on the body of the fish, hit the sound of the sound, the fish sent out a scream, but unexpectedly did not kill? This surprise is no small matter. Yang Qi in the secular world, a punch can explode three thousand levels of fairy world, but reached the divine world, a fish can not be killed? "This is the tooth fish of the divine world. Let me help." Brahma God hurriedly came over and pinched the fish with Yang Qi: "This fish has great strength and amazing bite force. Even a person at the peak of terror can bite off his arm at once. I can't imagine that your body is so hard. It's really amazing.." "Niang, is a fish so powerful?" Yang Qi clung to the fish, but between the fierce struggle of the fish, he actually had a tendency not to catch, what on earth was going on? "This is the divine world. If we don't become a God, everything is in vain. When we reach the divine world, we consume a lot. Every breath, the vitality and blood in our body will burn a lot. It's easy to get hungry. We can eat this fish to supplement our physical strength." Brahma smiled bitterly. But snap, snap, snap.. Another wave swept over. Yang Qi hurriedly ran to the beach, but the fish broke free of its shackles and quickly entered the depths of the ocean, spitting out a series of blisters, teeth creaking, as if to kill Yang Qi alive. Yang Qi suddenly felt a feeling of exhaustion, chest tightness, shortness of breath, excessive consumption in the body.

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