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Oct 08, 2022
10:45 PM
Am I that stingy? Han Huiyan even wanted to save her complaints and lowered her head to eat. Her meal was still white porridge, but there was a smell of meat on the tip of her nose. Han Huiyan was already in tears from the bottom of her heart: "Quan Zhilong, the big meal is that you eat and I smell, even without a mouthful of broth?"? After eating this meal that made Han Huiyan very entangled, on the way back, some carsick Han Huiyan lay drowsy in Jiang Dacheng's arms. Before she fell asleep completely, a thought flashed through her mind: Did she really fall into the dream of Quan Zhilong last night? I don't know how long I slept, but the attraction came out again yesterday. This time Han Hye-yeon still landed with her buttocks down. But this time, instead of darkness, she went straight back to the scene where she was saved by Quan Zhilong yesterday. His voice tried to speak, but he couldn't say anything. Quan Zhilong still kept yesterday's action and asked again: "Miss, are you hurt?" Although she could not speak, there was no problem with her actions. When she found herself with her hands around his neck and sitting in his arms in a very ambiguous position, Han Huiyan blushed, quickly released her hands, stood up with her hands propped up, waved and shook her head, indicating that she had no problem. But, at the same time, there was a sudden rumbling in her stomach. Han Huiyan's face turned red in an instant,12v High Torque Motor, and she wanted to find a crack in the ground to drill down: "This is too bad. Obviously, she was still in a state of four feet in the air before she went to bed. She is not hungry at all now. Where is the cooing sound?"? "Ah, did you squat on the ground just now because you were too hungry to have any strength?" Quan Zhilong also stood up and pointed to the front with a smile. "There is a restaurant over there. It tastes good. I haven't eaten yet.". Why don't you join us? Where is the restaurant over there? It is obviously a vast expanse of whiteness. As soon as Han Huiyan finished thinking about it, a busy street appeared where Quan Zhilong's finger pointed to. On both sides of the street were bustling crowds, and in the direction he pointed to, an antique Korean restaurant stood there. Han Huiyan is now almost 100% sure that he is in his dream, otherwise,Low Rpm Electric Motor, how to explain this? But she didn't want to go. The reason, she looked down at the ground, is also a vast expanse of whiteness, who knows this like fantasy teenager will suddenly make something out? Han Huiyan shook her head to show that she didn't have to, paused again, pointed in the opposite direction, and made a gesture of walking with two fingers, indicating that she was going this way. She wanted to find out how she got into this place. However, she just took two steps, the stomach protested up, a weak leg: "This time, the stomach inside is really hungry!"! Can Quan Zhilong even control this? Miss, I have no malice, but you just because of hunger, Small Dc Gear Motor ,gear reduction motor, so dangerous things happened. That's why I suggested it. Quan Zhilong is still black hair at this time, looks good, very afraid of Han Huiyan misunderstanding the same explanation. Han Huiyan nodded feebly and followed him slowly to the Korean restaurant. Along the way, Han Huiyan paid special attention to the people around her. Passing pedestrians did not look at them, as if they were perfectly normal strangers. Although the shops on both sides are also bustling, but if you look carefully, you can see that there is only the decoration of the doorway, but there is a white fog inside. The Korean restaurant they went to was also a white fog when they were at the door. It was only after they had stepped in that the scene inside became clear. Han Huiyan could not help feeling a little scared and quietly approached Quan Zhilong a little: Although there were many people around, only Quan Zhilong was the only organism with independent thoughts besides herself. However, her fear was completely forgotten after Quan Zhilong gave her the menu. Her eyes glowed and her fingers darted over the menu. Pork, beef, chicken, fish, come on, now she can eat it! I don't know if her idea is too strong, but the food is served quickly and everything is very delicate. She had just picked up a slice of fried meat and was about to put it into her mouth when suddenly the familiar sound of dripping began again.
Her hands shook in an instant, and the chopsticks and meat fell down. All the delicious food in front of her disappeared and turned back into darkness. After the familiar attraction, Han Hye-yeon jumped onto the bed from the edge of the bed, waved the alarm clock to the ground, and then rushed to Quan Zhilong's face again: Who are you making trouble every time you set the alarm clock! Give me back my meat! The author has something to say: I just found out yesterday that teddy's girlfriend is actually Han Ye Seul, and R. O. D he wrote it inspired by Han Ye Seul. It is said that yesterday's concert, the third floor is not full, the sun said: "This is the future of our BB, so we have to work harder.". Cheng'er said: It's great that our BB still has a future. The actual situation is: because of the additional performance, three layers covered with cloth, not sold at all! In fact, this problem can be solved as long as they return. And yesterday Tata was bleating all the time, because of the Year of the Sheep, and he forgot the lyrics all the way when he sang feeling! But this guy's beer ad came out today: Don't stop!! I’m top? , 21 TV This day, Quan Zhilong was awakened by Han Huiyan's Foshan shadowless claw, and was not roared as before, but directly put Han Huiyan in a cage. Then, Quan Zhilong, carrying the cage, lifted her to his level, wiped his face, grabbed his messy hair, and smiled: "Jiahu, I'll teach you the rules today!" With these words, he rushed into the room of Dacheng and Shengli with the cage. Dacheng and Shengyu are still snoring and sleeping soundly. Quan Zhilong also did not go up to call them, but directly grabbed one side of the quilt, lifted it hard, and then directly patted them on the face: "Dacheng,Vending Machine Motor, Sheng Tiao, get up, you will be scolded." ?

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