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Oct 08, 2022
10:45 PM
Every other day, after dinner, Cai Dongping would go to the beauty club to do a skin tightening beauty, which has persisted for many years. So if Master Li wants to see Cai Dongping, he can only choose this time, this place, when Cai Dongping cleans her face, applies the mask, the beautician leaves, and she lies still for half an hour, which is the perfect time for Master Li to go in and talk about things. What Master Li wants to say is about Junjun. Every time he looked for Miss Cai or Sun Jie to say something, it was Junjun's business. And every time he asked Miss Cai for help in Junjun's affairs, he finally answered every request. He already knew Miss Tsai's temper, and he already knew the way to say things to Miss Tsai. Everything had to be said softly. If Miss Tsai liked to lose her temper, let her do it. If she liked to be sarcastic, let her be sarcastic. After all, Miss Tsai had something bigger to ask him for, so she still had to give him benefits after she had finished satirizing him. But this time, Master Li did not play cards according to the rules. He took a tough attitude this time, because the amount he asked for this time was huge,brushless gear motor, and he would not be able to do so. Besides, he expected that Miss Tsai was not asking him for help now, but was afraid of him. So, when Miss Cai said coldly, "Lao Li, you are insatiable.". He replied: "Miss Cai, this is the last time I ask you,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, I am not a person who does not know the size.". In order not to destroy the mask on her face, Miss Cai could not break out even if she wanted to. She could only flatten her mouth and say, "Size?"? Think for yourself How much did I spend on your daughter going to school? How much did I give you for your daughter to take part in the competition? I am good enough for you. Don't get used to it! Master Li said, "Miss Cai, I will never forget your great kindness to me and our whole family. I only ask you to be a good person to the end and help others to the home!"! I also say a dead word. Just this once, if I want to reach out to you again, I will be killed by a car immediately when I go out! Miss Cai said : You're not here to get the eggs this time. You're here to kill the chicken. Three hundred thousand? How dare you open your teeth! ! Master Li did not hesitate, the words follow very quickly: "I want three hundred thousand, plus the previous several times, a total of more than four hundred thousand.". Don't just see that you spent four hundred thousand, you also see how much money you earned, if I really help you get the third courtyard back, I have a low education, I am not sure, Small Geared Motors ,Gear Reduction Motor, how many four hundred thousand should it be? Miss Cai sat up from the recliner, ignoring the disintegration of the mask on her face, and she shouted: Li, don't threaten me with this. The third courtyard is mine! It belonged to our family a hundred years ago. ! Master Li is also ruthless. "Oh, then I'll do it for you?"? Let's not talk about it. ! Then He learned what Sister Sun had done to him at the beginning, and turned away without procrastination. Cai Dongping followed him and said, "Well, if you really help me get the third courtyard back, I can consider three hundred thousand.". Master Li pulled open the door of the single room and replied without looking back, "Farewell, I am a man who is not enough to succeed and more than enough to fail. My ability to help you is not great, but my ability to harm you is not small.". You can see it all. Before Cai Dongping could react, the door of the single room had already hit with a bang. Cai Dongping was stunned for a long time, ignoring the mask on her face, and hurriedly called Sun Jie to come up. Sun Jie waited for her in the car outside the building and went upstairs into the house within five minutes. Cai Dongping can still remember the rounds with Master Li just now, and the retelling can be accurate and complete. Needless to say, Sun Jiexin tightened the corners of her mouth, and even Cai Dongping herself felt that there was something wrong with today's situation. Li Shifu's expression is different from the past, this seems to be thoughtful, especially the last few words of success is not enough to fail, everyone can hear the words with words. In addition to this, Sun Jie asked what else Master Li had said. Cai Dongping thought for a moment and then remembered a sentence: He also said that his ability to help me was not great, and his ability to harm me was not small. This remark was even more explicit. Sister Sun said with a straight face and asked no more questions. During this period, she had frequent contacts with Master Li, and of course, she had a deeper understanding of Master Li's behavior. Since Master Li can say this, he will surely wait for them in some unexpected place! In fact, Master Li is not the only one waiting for Cai Dongping this night. Outside the building, Jinkui has been guarding for a long time.
But the first photo taken by her mobile phone was not the target she deliberately tracked, but another person who bowed his head and hurried. Master Li's appearance seemed unexpected and reasonable, and the thread that had been lurking in the whole incident began to emerge at this moment. She saw Master Li coming out of the building in a hurry, his eyebrows twisted abnormally, and he walked along the street in the direction of the subway station, his back arched with a slightly murderous look. Master Li's bent back makes Jinkui feel that he is a loyal husband to his wife and a devoted father to his daughter. For Jinkui, Master Li's image is always confused and uncertain. Later, when the real target finally appeared, Cai Dongping and her same-sex assistant went out of the building one after the other and walked in a panic in the direction of the parking lot. Jin Kui immediately walked out of the hiding place quickly, and before rubbing shoulders with Cai Dongping, he raised the shutter of his mobile phone and rang repeatedly. A car just came from behind her, and the headlights in front of the car illuminated Cai Dongping's face. The headlights also set off the backlit Jinkui into a silhouette, effectively concealing the face of Jinkui. Cai Dongping was full of worries. She was walking with a stuffy head. Suddenly, she saw someone walking straight. She looked up subconsciously. Unexpectedly, the headlights were dazzling. In the bright light, she only saw a figure holding up a mobile phone,Micro Gear Motor, as if dialing a long phone. She did not even see the men and women clearly. She had already missed the oncoming person. At this time, she and her assistant, bodyguard and driver Sun Jie had approached her car. Tsai Tung-ping's Mercedes hardly slowed down as it drove out of the parking lot. The car hurried past the corner of the building where Jinkui was hiding. The taillights were so red that they were bloody and dazzling.

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