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The warm wind is not as affectionate as you.
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Oct 08, 2022
10:47 PM
If it hadn't been for that, he wouldn't have found out that she disguised herself as a man. She gave up the gun in his hand, turned away, pulled out the dagger at his feet, threw it hard behind him, plunged deep into the ground, and walked away with an expressionless face. Nan Heng glanced at the dagger that had been inserted on the ground at his feet with great precision, grinned, bent over to pick up the dagger, and followed it. Season warm sleep is not very peaceful, more in the sleep suddenly instinctively startled, turned over at the same time felt a burst of inexplicable back cold, suddenly opened his eyes, the first thing to see is a dark muzzle, is facing her head. She was startled, and at the same time she immediately changed into a more obvious panic and sat up hurriedly. The muzzle of the gun was pointed at her all the time. She shrank in the corner of the wooden bed, clasped her legs and looked up at the owner who was holding the gun. Ajib pulled the trigger with his finger, looked at her darkly, and asked in English, "Say,Granite Slab Supplier, who sent you to lurk here?"? Do you think you can avoid it by knocking over the soup on purpose? Ridiculous smart-aleck! Said, the cold muzzle is directly affixed to her forehead, as long as his thumb lightly buckled, Ji Nuan's head will be shot through in an instant. Ji Nuan looked at him with a pair of blank eyes, raised his hand wrapped in white gauze, pointed to his ears, and shook his head with a face of grievance, meaning that he could not hear anything. Chapter 291: The ink depth of field perceives the lightness and softness of the legs.. Ajib was about to pull his finger when Ji Nuan saw that there was no one else in the cabin,Marble Projects, not even the old woman who had been protecting her before. Thought this time may really be dead, but fortunately did not drag to the depth of ink. She felt a chill in her heart and slowly closed her eyes, but the sweat from her nose clearly showed her fear and nervousness, which was not the instinctive reaction of a trained informant or base personnel. Ajib glanced at her again hesitantly, but this kind of person still could not stay, and was about to kill him first, when suddenly Dali ran in from the outside. Dali didn't know what he was saying, but it sounded like he was speaking in a hurry. Ajib paused as he raised his gun. He took his eyes back from Dali and looked coldly at Ji Nuan. He said in English: "He is our guest of honor. He has not eaten or drunk for four days. No matter how strong his mind and body are, he can't hold up. Now he has fallen down and will die at any time." Ji Nuan's expression still looked at him blankly, unable to hear anything. Seeing that she was always scared silly, Ajib suddenly took the gun with a face of impatience, turned around and said a few words to Dali in Cambodian, and then left directly. Ji Nuan's heart has been beating drums, but she did not expect to escape from death, Calacatta Nano Glass ,Agate Stone Price, and the reason for her escape from death is that Mo Jingshen did not eat or drink for four days, but he used the way of falling down to divert part of Ajib's attention from her. Ajib said that Mo Jingshen had fallen down now. What do you mean, down? Did you pass out or something? Or is something wrong?! Ji Nuan did not dare to put his worries on his face, but looked at Dali standing in the room with a frightened face. Dali motioned her to get out of bed and go with him with his eyes. Ji Nuan bit her lower lip and pointed to her hand, which was still wrapped in gauze, meaning that she could no longer deliver meals or do anything now. Dali, however, kicked impatiently on the wooden bed under her body, knowing that she was mute and could not hear anything, and even scolded a few words, urging her to go with him impatiently. Ji Nuan had to get out of bed with a timid expression on his face, shrinking his neck and following him with a look of fear of death. Dali took her to the wooden house surrounded by layers where Mo Jingshen was. Ji Nuan was worried that they were going to continue to carry out the order given by Ajibu last night. He was thinking about how to continue to avoid this dead end. Suddenly, Ajibu motioned her to the stone table over there with his eyes and sent the bowl of water in. Ji Nuan looked at him without knowing why, Ajib pointed to the water, and then pointed to the wooden house where Mo Jingshen lived, the meaning was obvious, is to let her go in to deliver water.
Don't send food, send water instead? What do you mean? The door of the cabin was open at the moment, and she remembered seeing that there was no trace of binding on Mo Jingshen's body before, but he did not come out, would he really faint? Ji Nuan slowly moved to the door of the wooden house and looked in. Seeing Mo Jingshen's tall and straight figure sitting under the wooden wall beside the window of the wooden house, with his eyes closed, his face pale, his lips cracked and white, he was obviously in a semi-comatose state due to severe water shortage. Instead of lying down, he insisted on sitting there and resting with his eyes closed. It turned out that their purpose was to let her go in and feed water to Mo Jingshen. After Ji Nuan took a look, his eyes turned to a bowl of water on the rough stone table outside, walked over, and picked up the water bowl under Dali's cold gaze. She didn't know if Mo Jingshen had been refusing to eat their food and water for fear that they would poison them, or if she was just resisting, but she was even less sure now that there was no poison in the bowl of water. Ji Nuan while holding the bowl to the wooden house, while suddenly as if not steady and make the water in the bowl spilled out some, splashed on the back of her hand that was scalded last night, immediately she did not hold the bowl, a whole bowl of water instantly spilled out. Dali saw her clumsiness and was about to kick her, and even wanted to shoot her with a gun. But remember Ajib confessed that he was completely rejected by all of them here, but the captured woman was not one of them. And women are more careful than these men, now let her take care of him, let her find a way to give him water, find a way to let him eat, save his life, is the right thing. Otherwise, if control really dies like this, not to mention that the secrets have not been obtained, if he dies,White Marble Slabs, the trump card in their hands that can threaten the Xi base and the American police will not exist. He must be kept alive! Dali endured his temper, scolded, and asked Ji Nuan to fetch another bowl of water.

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