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How to Make Solar Panels With Photovoltaic Effect
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Jan 25, 2023
8:43 AM
The energy from the Sun is absolutely FREE! No need to pay for costly electric bills when you have an alternative. Try to learn how to make solar panels for it is the best way to power up your home. You may not know it, but these solar frames are made up of cells such as the photovoltaic cells. PV cells collect the energy from the Sun and transform it into electricity or convert the same to heat.

The so-called photovoltaic effect was discovered in 1839 by then 19-year old Alexandre-Edmond Becquerel. However, the lad did not how to harness the solar power using the PV effect. Solar energy was put into use by Charles Fritts who successfully made the first solar cell in 1882. The first solar energy catcher was made of thin Selenium sheets coated with gold. Utilizing the cell for producing electricity and generating heat had been widely used since the early part of 1900.

The term photovoltaic effect actually pertains to the physical process that the cell has to undergo to convert sunrays into electricity. Solar panels come in many various shapes, sizes, and styles so they can be applicable to as many different types of spaces, appurtenances or structures such as awnings, roofs, buildings, apartments, greenhouses, condos, residential homes or fields.

No matter what the shape or size is, there seems to a common pattern on how to make solar panels. Depending on the kind of materials used in the making of the energy frames, you can come up and make money with the following form such as the:

Amorphous Silicon Panel

This class has the lowest electricity return rate in comparison to any type of sun-powered generator. It is not made with crystalline silicon thus its electricity return rate is just between five percent to six percent. The Amorphous silicon panel comprises of a piece of semi conductive metal such as copper and a thin strip of silicon on top that is connected to some pieces of metal.

String Ribbon Silicon Panel

The string ribbon type is built just like the polycrystalline silicon pane with about the same rate of electricity return. The difference between the two is that the photovoltaic cells in a string ribbon silicon panel is made up of thin strips of silicon which are attached to metallic bars connecting the strips to make one cell rather than using a solid silicon square.

In terms of investment cost, the price of a string ribbon silicon panel is lower than that of a polycrystalline silicon panel. You might want to know how to make solar panels with string ribbon silicon because of its tempting cost.

Polycrystalline Silicon Panel

From the Greek word poly which means multi, the polycrystalline silicon comprises of multiple individual pv ribbon wire with metallic conductors tucked at the sides of the panel for better conductivity and to help excite electrons. The panel renders electricity return of approximately twelve percent to fourteen percent. It is also observed that this type of panel is not as efficient as the Monocrystalline type of silicon solar panel.
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