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Feb 22, 2023
3:55 PM
Lin Chen pinched his fingers and calculated. In Peacock Flying Southeast, it is said that "five horses are broken in three days", which should be a compliment to the woman's ability, and the speed must be fast. It is said in the book "Picking in the Mountain" that it is "weaving one horse a day, weaving more than five Zhangs", which should belong to the normal speed, one horse a day. But working women, certainly work long hours, can not expect the queen to work so hard to help her work, even if one day to complete one fifth of it. A bolt of cloth takes at least five days. 900 pieces are needed. Nearly thirteen years? That's a desperate number. Although it took many years for Ji Si to conquer the world, Lin Chen was not in a hurry at that time. On the one hand, Ji Si really has a brain, which makes people have confidence in him. Second, he and Lin Chen's interests should be the same in the matter of fighting the world and sitting in the Dragon Court. He didn't have to worry about her. He was very active in his own efforts. Now, let a queen who is facing the crisis of being abandoned spend more than ten years weaving for her. This sentence alone is very powerless to say, after waste, more than 10 years, weaving, for her-unless the queen loves her. Lin Chen felt that if there was no first task, she might as well help the emperor find a way to abolish the queen. In the cold palace, you can lure the queen to help her weave cloth with delicious food, which is faster to achieve. Fortunately is already the third world, Lin Chen is also battle-hardened, what else can we do? ***! Combing the memory of Qingyi again, Lin Chen nodded first, fortunately, the queen is a good person,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, help her no psychological barriers. The surname of the Zheng Dynasty was Jiang, which was somewhat similar to the Ming Dynasty in terms of the princes' wives and the emperors' concubines. That is not to marry a famous family, but to accept a small family of women. Now this Empress Ye is a merchant, and her family can only have no worries about food and clothing. With the opportunity of her daughter becoming queen, her business went up to a higher level, but she was still not a big businessman. Ye's character is good, never treat the maid and eunuch around, after the storm, she did not change,Flush Retrofit Kit, as if to accept the fate of the general, how to do, as usual. This psychological quality is also very strong. Seeing the only good news so far, Lin Chen pressed her chest and thought with grief and indignation-oh, this body she will use for many years, the chest is not as big as her own, it really makes people more sad and indignant. The psychological quality is strong, the disposition is calm, perhaps to her this suddenly appears the teacher, the acceptance will be a little stronger, will not be surprised to shout loudly. After all, Lin Chen can not use the identity of Qingyi to guide her, the task really can not guide, can only say directly. As for the emperor, he is indeed a scum. The emperor Jiang Mu, whose reign title was Jingren, disliked the "stink of money" of the empress, but in fact disliked her for being pale. Meng Lifei is the most favored, but there are many others. He is not picky, Time Delay Faucet ,stainless steel shower tray, up to Li Fei, the daughter of a tutor who has read a lot with her father, down to the maid who knows a few big words, as long as the appearance is in his eyes, or drunk and pleasing to the eye, he will pull over Hu Tianhu, remember to seal a position again, do not remember to accompany the eunuch to write down to prevent pregnancy, he is forgotten. Even if he is given a name, his fate depends on whether he can continue to hold him. But Lin Chen said he was a scum, not because of his love life. This in the affairs of the state is also a mess, but is relying on the Zheng Dynasty founding only experienced three generations, the country is on the rise, his father is a wise king died early, left him a group of young and energetic ministers, did not delay the affairs of the state. So these age is not very old two Dynasty old ministers, now the most hope is that the harem has good news, early birth of a prince to their education, absolutely can't let the emperor intervene, he likes to play to play, do not care about the prince. Because of this, can not get to see the face of the emperor of the leaf queen, sooner or later because no children will be abolished, can not get the support of these old ministers. Spent a day sorting out these information, Lin Chen did not delay much, holding a knife to stretch out the head is also a knife mentality, returned to work. Empress Ye was combing her hair. Originally, the work was done by Qingzhao. When she was sick, she changed to another maid named Ah Quan. When Lin Chen entered the temple, he glanced at it and quickly matched the person with the name in his mind. When she thought about it, she found that many of the ladies around Empress Ye were money.
Her name was Qingyi, and now the one who combed his hair was called Ah Quan. The one who brought in the food and was arranging it was called Abu. He stood by and waited for orders. The youngest one who saw her come in and smiled at her was called yuanbao. The author has something to say: Chapter 42 Four ladies of honor, all money. And not the real name, like the original name of the small cicada, Ah Quan was originally called Pearl. When did you change your name? It was after the emperor once teased Meng Lifei and praised her for having poetry and books in her belly and being angry with Gao Hua, while the empress was born in a business and was disgusted with the stink of money. Not knowing whether it was intentional or unintentional, the words that the emperor and Li Fei said when they were teasing came out, and naturally spread to the queen's palace. Empress Ye did not react, but changed the names of the four ladies who were close to her. Thumbs up. Lin Chen suddenly became happy, and this was the second piece of good news. Although before thought the queen psychological quality is strong, but so virtuous and virtuous submissive, she is also very difficult to handle. Now, the queen is soft on the outside and firm on the inside, and her temper is not small, but she really has no ability to fight with the emperor. People do not want the emperor's favor, fight to be abandoned into the cold palace, you say I stink of money? I'll show you a room full of money. Lin Chen's first life was also in the palace for a long time, although in the eyes of others, the dog is not very polite, but under the influence of what he sees and hears, he is no stranger to etiquette. During the day of rest, I also combed my memory and wrote down the court etiquette of Zheng. Go forward to see the ceremony, the queen Wenyan asked a few words, may be to see her illness just, did not order her, she stood aside. It can be seen that the queen is very tolerant of the people around her, although everyone knows that the queen's situation is not good, but the queen's Kunde Palace does not have that kind of atmosphere of disaster,Prison toilet for sale, everyone's face is not carefree, but the expression can be seen very relaxed. The most typical example was the gold ingot that had just smiled at her, and she was not afraid of being scolded by the queen.

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