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Feb 22, 2023
4:13 PM
Jinhu wandered around irritably, his eyes and nose moving, hoping to find out the annoying two elders. But the thought of finding out also can not clean up the two elders, is upset to cry out. Before everyone had come up with a solution, the red mist around the snow shadow had become very thin, and the face of the snow shadow had become red, and the body had begun to tremble. The two elders knew that the snow shadow could not support them for long, and they laughed happily and arrogantly. Hearing the laughter, Haihua suddenly shook his body and smiled at the corners of his mouth: "I know why you won't die." This sentence immediately stopped the laughter of the two elders, and Jinhu and Yawu both turned to look at Haihua. As for Yaxia, she kept staring at Haihua without saying a word. No one noticed that she was controlling the trembling of her body. Of course, no one noticed the hot light in her eyes. The suspicious voice of the second elder came out: "Tell me about it." In fact, you are just an energy body, a fully materialized energy body. It's not that you won't die, it's just that your physical form has been destroyed and become energy again. You can be reborn as long as you gather energy again. As for your invisibility, the reason why even the Golden Tiger can't be broken is also very simple. You don't have invisibility at all. You just turn the entity back into an energy body, and split it into particles scattered in the surrounding space. Of course, no one can break your invisibility. Haihua said with a smile. Yawu heard this for a while, did not expect the two elders is actually an energy body,plastic pallet manufacturer, as for this matter in theory can be implemented, but in fact it is completely impossible. Because it is impossible for consciousness to exist if it splits into particles, and if it does so, it is tantamount to losing its soul. But the energy of the two elders is obviously not stronger than their own? Why can he do this? Could it be that he was born in the form of an energy body? Because only a complete energy body can do this. But will there be autonomous consciousness in the form of energy birth? For the first time, Yawu felt that the world was full of strange things. When the two elders heard Haihua's words, they were shocked and asked, "Why do you know?"? I have never been seen to be an energy body since I was conscious! But he quickly continued to laugh and said,heavy duty plastic pallet, "Oh, so what if you know? You can't destroy me at all. When I have the Dragon Ball, my power will rise to a higher level. Then the whole Demon World will be a part of my body.". Take off your clothes quickly, Xueying can't wait. Ha ha ha Haihua heard this, a mischievous smile: "Oh, in fact, I can solve you oh." Said suddenly a cold face, the body actually came out of a gloomy breath, this is not fighting gas, nor magic gas, but a kind of breath that has not been seen. Even the well-informed Jinhu and Yawu did not know what the breath was, but felt a strong smell with sadness and death consciousness. Jinhu, the golden dragon, also stood up all over his body because the breath was getting stronger and stronger. The whole body of the golden tiger has become hairy and lovely, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic trash bins, if Yaxia sees it, she will be very cute and rush to embrace the golden tiger. But now Yaxia did not say that she had not seen it, and even if she had seen it, she was not in that mood. She had clasped her arms tightly, and her whole body was trembling uncontrollably. It's not a cold body, it's a cold heart. Not cold cold, but a fear of cold. The snow shadow wrapped in the red mist also appeared the same movement as Yaxia, which was unconscious. If the snow shadow is still awake, see this kind of breath, will certainly go crazy immediately, the heart is broken and die. Because this kind of breath on Haihua's body is a nightmare in her heart for a long time. Elegant fog at this time to endure the inexplicable chill, full exercise of the cohesion of their own body strength, nerves are also tight. She only felt that if she relaxed a little at the moment, she would be split. Haihua discovered the situation of the crowd, smiled apologetically, and the gloomy breath on his body weakened slightly. Jinhu they suddenly felt a little better, and all looked at Haihua with a complicated look.
Haihua did not explain to them, but his hands hung down naturally, looking up at the sky and spitting out a few words coldly: "The fourth form of the nine forms of the magic knife-the soul of the magic ghost!" With the words of Haihua, even Jinhu's illumination in the air lost its function, and the air suddenly became dim. The two elders just shouted out in a panic: "What are you going to do..." The voice turned into a shrill scream. At the same time as he screamed, Haihua's palms were in the shape of a knife, and he raised them in a circle. With the slow movement of his palm, he could see that the dim light in the air began to rush to Haihua as if it were alive. When the dim light ran around Haihua, Jinhu found that the surroundings slowly became bright. It's like wiping a dusty glass, and the place that has been wiped becomes clean. Everyone looked at Haihua in surprise. What kind of magic is this? The space can be manipulated like a flat mirror. As Haihua's palms became smaller and smaller, the dim light finally condensed into a round ball of black fog. Haihua looked at the ball and smiled. With Haihua's smile, Haihua's gloomy breath disappeared in an instant, as if it had never appeared at all. Then Haihua threw the black ball out. As soon as the black mist left Haihua's palm, it began to deform. In an instant, he turned into a human form, needless to say, it was the two elders. The two elders broke out in a cold sweat and looked at Haihua in disbelief. The muscles on their faces kept shaking and they said, "Demon Emperor!"! You are powerful enough to force me to appear, but you can't destroy me either! At this point, he suddenly shouted angrily and rushed at Yaxia, who was standing in a daze. Originally with a smile, Haihua's face changed, suddenly moved his body in front of Yaxia, and at the same time raised his hand and slapped the two elders. With a bang, the two elders were blown into powder, but as Haihua just said, the two elders could be reborn in an instant. In just a second,drum spill containment, the two elders had changed from powder to their original appearance. As soon as the two elders changed back to their original shape, they rushed at Yaxia again, and then they were blown into powder by Haihua. It was only three seconds before they were blown into powder last time.

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