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Feb 22, 2023
4:43 PM
Taking a deep breath, Ye Qian patted Xie Fei on the shoulder and said, "Xie Fei, I'm sorry. Things can't be changed. I know your heart is very sad. But we still have more challenges in the future. We must cheer up." With a slight nod, Xie Fei slowly picked up Luo Ming and said, "Find him a good place to bury him. It's all Skynet's fault. I will never let them go." Xie Fei's eyes, never had a burst of strong intention to kill, he will Luo Ming died of grief, all transferred to the hatred of Skynet. Here, looking for a beautiful place, Xie Fei and Ye Qian buried Luo Ming, no tree tombstone. Life is nameless, death is nameless, leaving his name will only bring him some unnecessary trouble. If the people of Skynet know that Luo Ming is buried here, I'm afraid it will cause unnecessary trouble, right? In front of Luo Ming's grave, Xie Fei kowtowed three times and said, "Elder Martial Brother, all this is Skynet's fault. If they hadn't instigated it, you wouldn't have made a mistake. I will destroy them and help you get justice.". When the situation is over, I will give you an explanation. I owe you,plastic laminated tube, and I will pay you back. Ye Qian could not help shaking, what does this sentence mean? Is it said that when Skynet is destroyed, Xie Fei will commit suicide in front of Luo Ming? Ye Qian some do not know what to say, this time is not suitable to say too much, even if he said, I am afraid Xie Fei will not listen, or wait for his mood to calm down some. Who will be the leader of Skynet now? Xie Fei turned his head to look at Ye Qian and asked. Ye Qian shook his head slightly and said, "I don't know. The leader of Skynet used to be Hu Fei. He has always been kind and righteous to me. He doesn't seem to want to hurt me.". At least,polyfoil tube, Skynet hasn't done anything against me before. However, now, Skynet killed Tang Qiang as soon as it appeared, which is clearly aimed at me, it seems that Skynet is different. Skynet people, I know a few, I think, can inherit the Skynet leader is not a name, should be repaired? However, I always feel that things are not so simple. According to the previous situation, although Hu Fei is the leader of Skynet, it seems that he is not clear about many things, that is to say, there is another person behind him. This, Hu Fei also personally admitted, eye cream packaging tube ,custom cosmetic packing, I think, that person will be the real leader of Skynet. "Is there such a character?"? Who could it be? Xie Fei frowned tightly and said. I don't know, but now that Skynet is out and active again, I think they will definitely have the next step. Ye Qian said, "He will show up sooner or later." Slightly nodded, Xie Fei also did not continue to ask. Because Ye Qian also does not know, even if he continues to ask, also can not get any answer, Skynet is too mysterious, now they can do, only wait, wait for Skynet's next action. Although this is a bit passive, there is no way out. After a pause, Xie Fei turned to look at Ye Qian and asked, "Ye Qian, how did you solve those magic soldiers just now?"? I didn't know that you had hidden such a skill and destroyed those magic soldiers at once. What on earth is going on? Did you find the flaw of those magic soldiers? Shaking his head with a wry smile, Ye Qian said, "I didn't solve those magic soldiers at all. I'm still confused. I don't know which fairy sister saved me." As he spoke, Ye Qian took out a handful of candy from his pocket. "Someone killed those magic soldiers with these!" Xie Fei was stupefied for a moment. He took a stunned look and said in disbelief, "Ye Qian, you're not joking with me, are you?"? Kill those magic soldiers with candy? Who has such good kung fu? "That's the truth." Ye Qian said, "At that time, I was almost unable to resist, suddenly, I saw a hidden weapon scattered over, the result of those magic soldiers immediately turned into pieces.". And these candies are the hidden weapons. At that time, I also looked around, but I didn't find any figure at all.
If someone really helped us and didn't want us to see it with their kung fu, I'm afraid we'll never find it. "I can't believe there is such a master. It's true that there are days outside the sky and people outside the sky." Xie Fei said, "Fortunately, they are not our enemies, otherwise, we do not know how to die." However, I really want to meet the man who saved us and thank him well. If it wasn't for him, I guess all the bones would be gone. Ye Qian said with a wry smile. If they wanted to see you, they would have come out long ago. Since he doesn't show up, it means he doesn't want to see you at all. Perhaps, it is really a master who draws a knife to help in the face of injustice. Xie Fei said. Raising his hand and looking at the time, Xie Fei said, "It's getting late. I'll take you to see Carmen.". It's important to do the things in front of us first. The hard-earned foundation can't be destroyed like this. As for dealing with Skynet, let's take a long view. "Go to sh city when you are free. The little girl thinks about you all day and says that your master is too incompetent. She teaches her something casually, and then she can't even see anyone. It's too irresponsible." Ye Qian said. I taught her what I'm best at, and I'm not responsible for it? Xie Fei gave a wry smile and said, "This little girl is really ambitious.". Ye Qian, your children are simply evil, especially this daughter, I think,aluminium laminated tube, when she grows up in the future, she will definitely be the same as you. If you are in the underworld, it is definitely a bamboo leaf green that everyone fears. ?

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