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Feb 22, 2023
4:52 PM
Hua Qiangu swallowed in a big mouth, and did not know how long it took, feeling that Bai Zihua was gradually powerless in his arms, as if he had lost too much blood and quickly fainted. She finally raised her head, her lips were covered with blood, her purple eyes were empty but satisfied, and the temptation made Bai Zihua lose her mind in an instant. Finger gently stroked the wound, the blood stopped instantly, leaving only two small teeth marks. Still feeling dissatisfied, he bent forward again, and the tip of his tongue slowly licked down his chest along the traces of blood, leaving only a slippery coolness. Bai Zihua trembled violently, feeling that the bondage of his limbs was suddenly untied, and his feet were soft and dizzy. Hua Qiangu hugged him firmly, frowned slightly at his pale face, gave him some internal force, put it on the bed, and covered the quilt. When he woke up,plastic cosmetic tubes, Hua Qiangu was sitting in front of the bed and looking at him with complicated eyes. Bai Zihua sighed and closed his eyes again. Are you hungry? Do you want something to eat? Hua Qiangu had a bowl of hot peach blossom soup in his hand and slowly helped him sit up. Want to say something, but found that their master and disciples have already said, the sea has nothing to say, can only silently feed him to drink. Bai Zihua has gradually become accustomed to her moodiness, but when she lowers her head and tastes a mouthful of peach blossom soup, her throat is full of bitterness, and it is hard to avoid a sense of right and wrong and vicissitudes of life. Hua Qiangu saw his body trembling and brushed his forehead with his hand. Knowing that he was already very weak and had lost so much blood,plastic laminted tube, he must be very uncomfortable now. He thought about whether to restore his immortal body or not, but immediately gave up the idea. Suddenly, outside the door, Zhu Ran said, "God, more than three hundred Tianshan Drinks Kunlun disciples rushed into the Kunluo Hall of the Cloud Palace at night to save people. Now they have all been captured. What should we do?" Hua Qiangu frowned slightly, but he could handle it by himself, but he had to report it. It was clear that he was deliberately telling Bai Zihua what he was doing? If normal, Hua Qiangu will only be impatient to tell him to make up his own mind. This time, he simply said one word: "Kill". Bai Zihua fiercely grasped her wrist holding the spoon and said in a low voice, "Don't kill any more people." Obviously can only plead, but say it like a command, he can be spotless. There seems to be a trace of anger in my heart, pump tube ,metal cosmetic tubes, and there seems to be a trace of unwillingness. Suddenly he laughed, but Bai Zihua felt a chill in his back. "If you volunteer to sleep with me for one night, I'll let someone go, how about that?" It was eerily quiet all around. Bai Zihua looked at her seriously, as if he wanted to know if she was joking. Hua Qiangu has a smile on her face, but her smile doesn't go deep into her eyes. It looks too fake. When did she learn to dye bamboo? Okay, I promise you. Don't kill any more people. There was a trace of sarcasm in Hua Qiangu's eyes. If she hadn't known Bai Zihua's personality and the purpose of his trip, she would have mistakenly thought that he had been ordered to come to her. Don't push your luck. I only said one person a night. Bamboo dye laughed outside the door, these two have their own thoughts, the undercurrent is turbulent, inevitably some infighting. Although Bai Zihua seems to be at a disadvantage, he has never been defeated, or even defeated by himself. Hua Qiangu is always just a child in front of him. I don't know why women are always so vulnerable in front of love. In the eternal and long life, she had to find something for herself to do when the sugar treasure came back to life. And he will try his best to unify the six realms. 123. Remembering the past The outer layer of the Cloud Palace is particularly heavily guarded, because there are always some people who want revenge or want to be heroes who are not afraid of death to rush in. But Hua Qiangu's bedroom hall is large and empty, except for a layer of shield outside for sound insulation and anti-disturbance, there is not even half a guard. On weekdays, Hua Qiangu is alone in the hall, sleeping day and night. The five senses are a thousand times more sensitive than usual, and they will feel particularly noisy when there is a slight movement around them. Do not recall, because there is too much pain in the memory. Supreme and immortal, so she has no pursuit and no expectation of tomorrow. You can do anything, but you have no interest in doing anything. She didn't even have to take precautions against the wave of assassinations by various forces. Anyway, the body of immortality can recover instantly no matter how serious the injury is. There is no past, no present, no future, the original walking dead is like this.
She had thought of letting herself fall into a frozen and deep sleep like a field, until the sugar treasure came back to life and then let the bamboo dye wake her up again. But always not at ease, afraid that the only little bit of hope of any mistakes. In fact, she did not hate the world, nor did she complain, but became indifferent. She is not a saint, nor is she as great as Bai Zihua. After a series of blows and injuries, closing her heart is the only way she can make her desperate self strong. Or subconsciously, she hated Bai Zihua for driving her to a dead end again and again for the sake of all the people in the world. But after all, she could not learn to hurt, nor was she in the mood to learn, so she could only ignore it completely, and her body and mind were numb like a pool of stagnant water. The arrival of Bai Zihua made a slight difference in the Wuyi Hall. At first, she didn't understand why she was willing to let him stay around if she didn't want to retaliate or hurt him. Is it because you love him too much and can't let him go, or because you are too lonely to remember his warmth, or because you know you are dirty and yearn for his innocence? Later,plastic packing tube, she subconsciously understood that she just wanted to know how he would kill her. She often felt tired of living without consciousness, and if she really wanted to end all this, she would only die at his hands.

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