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The main character is hand-picked by me.
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Feb 22, 2023
5:44 PM
You Gan is always very cruel to the enemy. The giant beast is about to become his own mount. He is barely half of his own people. Finally, he releases his mental strength and appeases the giant beast: 'It will be over soon. You will never be hungry in the future.' The beast didn't have much thinking power, all its thoughts were related to food, the contract was about to be reached, its intelligence was improving rapidly, and it soon realized that its situation was caused by the person who was talking to it now, and it roared angrily at Yougan! Yougan is a neat freak and doesn't like to fight and kill. When he has to kill, he will choose to kill with one blow, or attack directly with divine consciousness. For him, this kind of mental attack, which is only similar to intimidation, is a paper tiger, and it is not worth caring about at all. However, Ren Xing, the real child, suffered a great impact on his mental strength, and he fainted because he could not eat. Ren Xing is dizzy, Yougan is busy taking care of his partner, temporarily too lazy to pay attention to the monster, anyway, the monster can not break his mental barrier. Although the spirit of the beast is huge, but like the human beings in this world, do not know how to temper their own spirit, can not really kill people, otherwise Yougan will not let Ren Xing carry out such a dangerous exercise here. When Ren Xing fainted, Shu Cheng and Wei Hao fainted at the same time, as well as all the creatures near the monster. Shu Cheng and Wei Hao fell to the ground, trying to break the mouth of the beast, so that the beasts can take the initiative to enter the mouth of the beast. But when they cooperated and tried their best to break the mouth of the monster, their minds were confused and they took the lead in going inside. Even Ren Xing, who stayed on the back of the monster,pumpkin seed extract, was almost confused by hallucinations. Shu Cheng and Wei Hao were next to the monster's brain, and the hallucination attack was naturally stronger. It was not surprising that they had no resistance. Seeing this situation, Yougan stroked his chin and thought, although there is an element of the protagonist's own death, but even the protagonist has been recruited, if this monster is closed, mass destruction. What about the incident? Do you want to completely erase the spirit of the beast, leaving only the body? It's better to control it. Anyway, what he wants is a car, not a monster like Shu Cheng. Make friends Whether the beast is alive or dead, whether it is willing or not, is not in his consideration. However, the monster's soul is very large, and he is restricted by the world, can not use more than the peak of human spirit SS level to attack the world's creatures. It's like someone building a beehive cannon, but he can only take a hammer and hammer a piece of asteroid of the same size. Of course, pumpkin seed extract ,turmeric extract powder, inefficiency also has an advantage, he can slowly devour the spirit of the beast, as nourishment to enhance their own strength. Seemingly knowing that his life was threatened, the monster roared at Yougan crazily, hoping to make Yougan dizzy. However, its natural ability has no effect on Yougan at all. Yougan sat well, as if he were still studying where to start with it. Beasts who have never met an opponent are not so easily intimidated. It still confronts Yougan until Yougan runs out of patience and draws out its mental power. For human beings, this kind of spiritual attack by Yougan, they may have died without being aware of it. But the beast's mental strength is so great that it can only feel pain. The pain of mental power being drawn is more painful than any injury to the beast. For the first time in its life, it sent out a scream, a huge mental shock wave, which completely killed all living things on the planet. Shu Cheng's team did not enter the planet's atmosphere of a few small partners, is lucky, far away enough, just fainted. Ren Xing, Shu Cheng and Wei Hao were in the best condition, and they were protected by You Gan. However, Yougan suspected that Shu Cheng and Wei Hao would be all right even without his protection. After all, the protagonist and the official match are not so easy to die. After sending out such an intense mental storm, the beast's mental strength was also depressed. Softening his body, he lowered his head and chose to submit to Yougan. The conscious body of the giant beast chose to submit, and the devouring spirit vine transformed it more efficiently. But Yougan has no intention of leaving its consciousness. The monster would not have used this ability just now, but in the process of necromancy, the intelligence was improved and the lethality was even greater.
The contract beast has great lethality, which is a good thing, but the monster has a bad temper. Even if he submits to him, he dares not resist him any more, but as long as he does not see it firmly, the monster will definitely cause him great trouble. After all, both human beings and human defensive weapons and equipment have been within the scope of its diet. And will never change it, a roll, a rage, is equivalent to creating an irresistible natural disaster for human beings. Yougan has no interest in domesticating the beast to show his power, and it is better to give up the power that is easily out of control. It's good to be completely controlled by him like those skeleton puppets in the end of the world. You Gan let the devouring spirit vine temporarily stop transforming the monster's vitality and help him devour the monster's spiritual power together. The devouring of the devouring vine is paralyzing, and this time the beast no longer feels pain. Never had the weakness, so that its consciousness fell into a coma. After the monster's coma, Yougan asked 888 to control Shucheng's six mecha and leave the planet first. Then the monster was put into the planting space, and the many prey killed by the monster were put into the storage space. The high-tech Kunpeng warship is gone, but he can work hard to make money, and then collect all types of space ships as his own collection, so that he can come to this world in vain. The prey he picked up is the capital he will use to make money in the future. Too much prey, more distant Yougan can not pick up, and finally let 888 stay here to collect, he first drove the ship to catch up with the six people. This starry sky belongs to the edge of the Zerg active area. Six people stay on a planet full of dead Zerg. Generally speaking, there is no danger, but there is no way to prevent it. If you don't meet, you are too lazy to care about them, since it happened in the side, at present is also an army, can't ignore, anyway is on the way,jujube seed powder, take them all. The author has something to say: I feel more and more that what I write is a villain BOSS, or the kind of person who constantly lets go of the protagonist, but is particularly strict with his subordinates (Kunpeng is really cannon fodder). 127. ABO: Perfect match for A (20).

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