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Feb 22, 2023
6:33 PM
Several people on the scene, their expressions were all flustered, and they had no idea for a moment. Song Ci filled his woman with a small bowl of soup and suddenly raised his eyes. "What's your name?" Ming Shaohui was startled and panicked: "Ming, Ming Shaohui." "The Ming family in the western district?" The tone was languid, as if careless, and Song Ci concentrated on wiping his woman's hands. Ming Shaohui was completely deceived by Song Ci's irrelevant cold words. "Yes," he answered in a low voice. After a little silence, Song Ci asked the woman beside him, "Do you still want it?" Ruan Jiangxi shook his head. Song Ci took Ruan Jiangxi's spoon and drank the rest of her soup slowly and elegantly. Song Shao, what does this mean? Just leave the big guy hanging and watch him spoil women? Xie Peiyao several people looked at each other, not to go, not to stay. Ding Xiaohui hesitated for a long time and said, "Song Shao, you are back. We haven't been together for many years since you went to H City. When you are free, we will welcome you." The tone is flattering, deliberately softening the tone of voice, with a girl's unique charm. The movement of Song Ci's hand stopped, put down the spoon, got up, painted eyes, light and shadow heavy, looked at Ming Shaohui: "You repeat what you just said." Line of sight, look at Ding Xiaohui. The atmosphere suddenly condensed. Just now? What did he say just now? As soon as Ming Shaohui recalled, he immediately became nervous and his tongue was tied: "I, I didn't know she was Song Shao's person." Seeing that Song Ci's face did not ease at all,Nail production machine, Ming Shaohui was frightened. Seeing that Xie Peiyao winked, he bowed to Ruan Jiangxi and apologized, "I'm sorry, I was rude just now." Song Ci left Y city for many years, probably, this group of young dudes do not know the rules of Song Ci. In the words of Qin Tezhu: Sorry, it's useful. Why do you want a fist? "Be responsible for what you have said." Song Ci's cold voice just fell, then, slender fingers,wire nail making machine, picked up the cup of cold drink that Ruan Jiangxi had only drunk a few mouthfuls, drank it up, licked the corners of his mouth, shook the goblet, he raised his eyes, and threw the cup out of his hand. Not a bit of strength, gentle and elegant. Hit Ming Shaohui on the head. Bang- " The empty cup fell to the ground and fell apart. On Ming Shaohui's head, there was a red mark immediately, and the blood oozed slowly. As soon as Ming Shaohui touched his head, it was hot, and his palms were full of blood. Suddenly, his eyes were red. He stepped forward and was about to say something, but Xie Peiyao pulled him. He bowed slightly to Song Ci: "Song Shao, although Shaohui is usually mixed up, he doesn't know the rules. This time it's a misunderstanding." You give me some face, I apologize for him, and please don't haggle with him. Song Ci turned a deaf ear and did not even look at Xie Peiyao. He turned to Ruan Jiangxi and said, Coil Nail Making Machine ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, "Close your eyes." Ruan Jiangxi is obedient. Song Ci got up, lifted his feet, and kicked Ming Shaohui hard. Ming Shaohui was kicked to the ground, covered his abdomen and screamed, the whole person curled up into a ball, his face was white and bloodless. Song Ci's fighting skills, once in the special brigade, did not meet the enemy, this foot, Song Ci used a lot of strength, specializing in the soft rib, not dead, also had to go to half a life. Suddenly, the wailing and screaming were deafening. It was just a room full of people, and no one dared to stop it. Song Ci looked coldly at the man on the ground who was so painful that he couldn't stand up straight. "I didn't want to say a word about her, but you scolded her." Song Ci was still angry. He picked up the wine bottle on the table and tried to smash it. A small hand wrapped around his arm. Looking back, Ruan Jiangxi frowned and shook his head. "That's all right." "Scared you?" Song Ci put down the wine bottle, took Ruan Jiangxi into his arms, patted her on the shoulder, and coaxed her. Song Ci suddenly regretted that he should have taught people a lesson behind his woman's back. No She frowned. "It'll kill you." She looked at Song Ci with some worries. Ruan Jiangxi, ah, is not worried about that life, but her Song Ci. Song Ci smoothed her frowning brows and explained to his family as if no one was watching: "I won't kill him. At most, I'll maim him." Xie Peiyao and others, the expression is silly, Ming Shaohui even howled stopped, endure, the whole person curled up on the ground trembling. Song ci this person, the means is really ruthless, what kind of power monstrous, will be so unscrupulous and lawless.
This is simply lawless! However, no one dared to say a word, but Ruan Jiangxi took Song Ci's hand and shook his head: "No, it will be very troublesome." Song Ci hesitated for a moment, then turned around and put his arm around Ruan Jiangxi's shoulder. "Are you full?" He asked her softly. "Mmm." "Then let's go home." Ruan Jiangxi put on his coat and covered half of her face with a scarf. Then he hugged her waist and left without looking at the frightened people in the room. When the man was far away, Xie Peiyao helped Ming Shaohui up on the ground and said only one sentence: "This matter is not over yet. Song Ci never likes to give up doing things." Ming Shaohui rolled his eyes and fainted directly. Xie Peimin muttered in a low voice: "Song Ci spoils his woman so much that he is crazy." Who said it wasn't? Ming Shaohui just flirted with him and ended up like this, while Ruan Jiangxi ended the disaster in a few words. Song ci, really for Ruan Jiangxi, some crazy. Out of Yu Pin, it was drizzling outside, mixed with ice. Song Ci was afraid that Ruan Jiangxi would be cold, so he took off his coat and wrapped her up tightly. Ruan Jiangxi pulled the scarf down, showing his little face, and smiled at Song Ci: "It's the first time I've seen you do it." Song Ci grabbed her hand, put it in the pocket of his overcoat, pulled the scarf up to cover Ruan Jiangxi's face, and held her in his arms, saying, "I usually don't like such a violent way of doing things." He explained, "I didn't hold back just now." Ruan Jiangxi asked with a smile, "What method do you usually like to use?" "Dispose of it without leaving a trace." Such conciseness made Ruan Jiangxi stupefied for a moment. Song Ci added, "It's the easiest thing to do in the dark without anyone noticing." This is the usual means of Song Ci, Ruan Jiangxi can not help laughing. Song Ci's villa was in the suburbs, and when he arrived at his residence,Nail Making Machine price, it was already late at night, and Ruan Jiangxi fell asleep in Song Ci's arms, dizzy. Jiangxi "Jiangxi." ?

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