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Pointing out rivers and mountains and embracing be
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Feb 22, 2023
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The woman's voice is unusually charming at this time, more seductive, go away quickly, you frivolous man, do you know what kind of affectionate woman you are flirting with? For the sake of her husband, whom she had only met once, she had spent three years, throwing her beautiful youth into endless hardship, and delivering the girl's tenderness to the empty dream every night. Go away quickly, you evil envoy, when the emptiness and bitterness have knocked her down, you want to add another force to the fall and destroy her chastity completely. You are not afraid of God's retribution for doing so. The man said, "God only punishes foolish people. I have been punished for three years in a row.". For the sake of a wife in name only, for the sake of fame and fortune in vain. Look at the spring scenery everywhere, look at the girl who is a thousand times softer than the spring scenery. Think of Changan three years of bitter wind and rain, just like crawling in the abyss of hell. See the wild flowers twining, see the wild butterflies chasing, just for the sake of Lingxu's momentary attachment, as soon as the spring scenery passes, it seems to fall into the eternal darkness of fate. How can life escape the same fate. (This line is a quote from the fragment of the shadow play "Picking Mulberry Girl" in "Daming Palace Ci", which is not originally created by a sigh.) Li Lingyue at this time turned to look at Chu Qiao, he sat upright, his face in the light and shadow can not see clearly, can not see what kind of expression on his face, what is he thinking? Is not thinking of his so-called wife, this shadow play is the best portrayal of his mood, he is the woman who has been thinking hard for three years, and himself? Who is he to him? The reckless man? However, this reckless footsteps, in the end did not break into his heart? She doesn't know! His attitude towards himself has not changed for three years, and he is as cold as ice. Chu Qiao also clearly felt the look she projected on her face, what was she trying to find out? Your own worries? Yes, this part of the shadow play damn coincidence, just expressed his heart! However, in this palace, since the day she robbed him, he has known that he should not have any worries, his own worries, only when no one,die cast light housing, is his own worries. The spoiled princess, why do you care about such an ordinary Chu Qiao! Why do you find out what is on the mind of such an ordinary Chu Qiao! Looking at his calm expression, she suddenly felt upset, pulled him and ran out of the hall, leaving the three brothers sitting in place inexplicably, for this sister's temperament, they are not unaware, for this sister's feelings for that Chu Qiao, they are not unaware, but that Chu Qiao, really do not know what is good or bad! They left the dark hall and came to the sunny imperial garden. "Chu Qiao!" She called him again. Princess He answered respectfully. Forget it! You go down! With a sigh, she said that in the past three years, no matter how sincere she treated him, he was so cold. He made a bow and went back to his cabin. How could he not know the affection in her eyes? He knew that she was so arrogant that she seldom had such patience to treat a servant. No matter how new things attracted her, it was just three or two days of enthusiasm. If, in this life, I can never see Yunluo again, will I be so lonely in this palace? He remembered what he had said to her that day, "Yunluo, I will defend myself like jade for you!" Yes, Investment casting parts ,Steel investment casting, he is her husband, for her defense, is a matter of course, three years away, Yunluo, have you forgotten the promise of that day? Why, no news? Chapter 90 reunion Late at night, quiet, gurgling streams sound as usual, Leng Hanxiang simply packed her luggage, quietly left the room, and gently closed the door, then went to the peach blossom array. The quiet days passed for several years, but she never forgot her father's enmity. Although she no longer mentioned it, when she dreamed back at midnight, her father's face was lingering. She practiced kungfu hard in order to kill it one day at a time. Father's killer! The land and the country are a pile of shit to her. Skillfully out of the peach blossom array, jump on the horse, straight to the Changan city. The next day, when they woke up, they found that Leng Hanxiang was missing. Xiao Yi said, "this girl, mostly went to Chang'an.".
” Said indifferently, "No, no wonder she has been practicing martial arts for the past three years. It turns out that she is still concerned about the matter of avenging her father. If she rashly breaks into the palace, she will be in danger.". I'll go get her. Cloud Luo looked at him, "good, I also go.". Bing Che, you stay here and wait for us. She knew in her heart that Leng Hanxiang, although indifferent had always regarded her as her own sister, and because of the indifferent relationship and the destruction of the family, she should also give her more care. Had it not been for her rescue that day, the indifferent must have died at the hands of Lang Qingya, but the cold fragrance of the indifferent mind, discerning people can see, often the heart is always filled with sour feeling. After three years of quiet life, she had never forgotten the great plan to restore the country. She was quite understanding of Leng Hanxiang's feelings. Every time she asked about the master, he always mysteriously advised her not to be anxious. The time had not yet come. When would the time come? Is it necessary to wear away the temper, then the so-called time will come? At the thought of Qiaoer that child, the pain in the heart is inexplicable, three years, three years, Qiaoer, how are you in the palace? He nodded to her indifferently. "Well, Yunluo's martial arts are pretty good. It's good to go with him and take care of him.". Master, let's go down the mountain first. Xiao Yi touched the beard, "indifferent, you remember, your internal force is not as good as that year, everything is careful!" "Good!" He nodded slightly and said goodbye to Master and Bing Che and others. Indifferent and cloud Luo rode a horse, directly from the run to Changan, hope that the cold incense has not started. After they arrived in Chang'an, they found an inn to stay first and decided to go to the palace in the evening to find out the news. Light, can I go to find out the news of Qiaoer by the way? Three years have passed in a twinkling of an eye, and I don't know what Qiaoer looks like now. Jun nodded indifferently, knowing that in the past three years, her heart has been concerned about Chu Qiao, Chu Qiao for her, is a special person. At night, two people dressed in night clothes, under the indifferent leadership, entered the palace, found that the imperial city was calm,alloy die casting, as if there was no sign of trouble. Two people looked at each other, "fortunately, Hanxiang that silly girl has not started yet." They immediately decided to visit Chu Qiao.

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