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The Tank Corps Sweeping the Late Qing Dynasty
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Feb 22, 2023
7:34 PM
Unfortunately, the phone is still not connected, if connected, Sun Wu must be happy to report his feelings and the results of the battle one by one, in detail, to the old superiors. Believe, the Li Yunlong of that head can scold Niang certainly: "Did the Sun Wu that your dog enters really give the Japanese extermination?"? You didn't lie to me, did you? You have to bear legal responsibility for lying about the military situation, and you have to go to a military court! After a while, Sun Wu immediately asked the telegraph operator to send a telegram to inform him of the war situation in Pyongyang. At the same time, he asked the main force to reinforce quickly and rush here to annihilate the remnants of the Japanese army. As soon as the order was finished, Sun Wu heard several strange and loud sounds. Very strange, but also some familiar, very, very strange feeling. What's the matter? "I don't know, Commander!" "Are the Japanese troops on the northern and southern fronts still attacking?" "It is attacking, but the offensive has been contained. The enemy on the northern front has only sent a small number of troops to attack, and the enemy on the southern front is still frantic." Several staff officers of the army headquarters immediately reported eloquently. Sun Wu inquired about the battle situation in detail and was very satisfied. As long as the enemy did not come in and the city of Pyongyang was still there, the enemy's tail would not grow. A limb was broken, and the Japanese army was already disabled. Besides, the enemy was annihilated on the eastern front, and the enemy's strength was greatly lost. Even if he did not die, he would have to take off a layer of skin. He ordered the troops to continue to keep an eye on him. Once the enemy retreated, they would follow him quickly! He told the staff officer to make telephone calls to all parts of the city, and he did it himself. Whoo, whoo, whoo, boom! Boom! Boom! The strange sound made Sun Wu run out of the command post. His staff officers and telegraphers also ran out together. What was it? It sounded strangely in the sky. Could it be that the mouth of the Japanese cannon was leaking? However, when he boarded a tall tower building and observed it with a telescope for a while, Sun Wu shouted in surprise: "Plane, plane!" "What is it, Commander?" Yes, commander, what are you shouting for? What plane? The officers had green eyes and the trees had straight ears, like clever rabbits. Not a Japanese plane, is it? It would be terrible if the Japanese had planes! In Sun Wu's eyes, making a plane is no longer the technical difficulty at this time. When he was worried, he looked at it carefully, and then he was relieved. He turned the telescope to a staff officer and said, "Take a good ***ing look at the plane, the plane, the plane of our Chinese Air Force!" "Our Air Force?" The staff officers were suspicious, side impact door beams ,side impact beams, and they hurried to grab the mirror and observe one by one. It's flying in the sky! What a big bird! Is there someone up there? Of course I can't see clearly here. The plane is on the western front. South Korea's 3rd Independent Brigade, the newly arrived 5th Division, the 6th Cavalry Division, and the Japanese Cavalry Oshima Regiment were in the west, cutting off the Chinese army from Pyongyang and the western towns. The allied forces of Japan and South Korea, totaling as many as 28,000, established several blockade lines to prevent the Chinese army from contacting inside and outside. Because of the operation of the town, Sun Wu did not deliberately let the two regiments outside the western front attack eastward in an attempt to restore contact with the town. Anyway, he would not risk the illness of his soldiers until the critical moment. At the same time, in his mind, there has always been such an idea, the western front left two regiments, when necessary, is the enemy's attack on the back of the new force. Therefore, also in the east and west inside and outside the dilemma of attack, the western front of the Japanese and Korean coalition corps, extra cautious, although they also sent a large number of troops to attack, strength is very limited. A regiment of Chinese troops had to defend several miles of walls in the west, and there were dozens of cannons behind them. The task was still very easy. The Japanese army charged dozens of times, but they were beaten to pieces, muddled, and suffered heavy casualties. In the wilderness west of Pyongyang, there were also mountains of corpses and rivers of blood, which were too horrible to look at. Several Japanese officers who looked into the distance were in tears. At least two thousand Japanese and South Korean troops died in the wasteland, becoming the delivery bed for swarms of flies in early summer. The loud buzzing sound was so creepy that I got goose bumps all over my body.
Don't mention that the captain of the Oshima Union called the spirit in his heart. He never thought that more than one hundred thousand Japanese and Korean allied forces could not take a small Pyongyang city in a few days. If eight years ago, almost a charge was enough. Therefore, the long-tested captain of the Union made up his mind to break through on the western front first. Since the Chinese army had become a turtle in a jar, He must be the first person to reach out his hand. It is his nature to be competitive. He must not allow others to take the lead. Although he was only a captain of the regiment, with a small rank of Daisuke, this did not prevent him from demanding himself by the standard of a translated general. In fact, Marshal Dashan took him as his commander and took charge of his own side, which was the greatest trust in him. Perhaps, the city of Pyongyang is broken, and there may be a major change in the epaulets. Whoo, whoo, whoo. When a new Korean team was in place and ready to launch a new charge, the captain of the Oshima Federation suddenly heard a strange sound. He looked up at the bright moon in horror. No, there had been a bright moon. In the extremely beautiful blue sky, he found a flock of big birds flying from the west on the land of pre-industrialized Korea! Big bird? So big? Screaming in a weird way? Almost everyone was shocked, because the birds were so strange! They were very big, getting bigger and bigger, and their cries were like loud weeping, which made people feel very sad! Oshima was shocked to observe with a telescope, and the other officers were nervous to observe,beam impact tubes, almost forgetting their combat mission. Big Bird! "Strange birds!" "How strange!"! What is this "Who knows?" In a few minutes, those strange birds gradually flew closer, so the captain of Oshima United suddenly echoed a terrible concept in his mind: Chinese aircraft! A Japanese military attache attended the Chinese military parade in Fengtian. He knew that China had invented the airplane and formed the air force. Is it true.

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