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Jun 29, 2023
4:24 AM

Brand Empower (P) Limited, Delhi - Best market research, branding company, and PR agency in India, working to build the brands of outstanding businesses, organizations, and professionals. The Global Excellence Awards & Industry Leaders Awards were founded by Brand Empower Pvt Ltd. Brand Empower, based in New Delhi, is a multi-award winning market research, branding, and creative public relations firm. BE's mission is to recognize and honor actors, artists, entrepreneurs, businesses, organizations, and individuals in the arts, entertainment, media, manufacturing, and services in order to foster creativity, innovation, and quality on the platform of GEA & ILA. It is held in different cities and countries each year and has helped to increase the popularity and brand image of ILA Winners worldwide. Mr Rahul Ranjan Singh, Founder & CEO of Brand Empower Pvt Ltd, founded the Global Excellence Awards & Industry Leaders Awards.

Corporate Awards Business Awards

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GEA2023 by Brand Empower

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Jan 12, 2024
9:15 PM
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