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 SHE ASKED FOR IT: Why Smart Women Put Up With Violent Men

If her husband had become violent before their wedding, Heather surely would have left him immediately. But, instead, the nightmare came on gradually, almost imperceptibly. Heather realized something wasn't right, but kept trying to make it work. She always kept the focus on herself. If only she could be prettier, more fun, a better cook, then John would love her.

When the beatings began, Heather continued to blame herself for her husband's unhappiness, his excessive drinking, and not coming home at night. She continued to believe that if she changed, maybe he would change and her friends and family would see him for the man she loved and married - not the abusive bully they encouraged her to leave.

It is not until tragedy strikes that Heather is forced to make decisions for the first time, just as a dark, criminal secret from her childhood mysteriously surfaces. Heather must choose between the comfort of allowing others to lead her, or learn how to regain control of her own life.

The readers get the inside story of this dynamic author's abusive marriage.