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Beautiful American entrepreneur Halston Calderone is jetting to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, on business, when a sudden illness thrusts her into the arms and care of the dashing and rich Dr. Alejandro Malvo.

Whisked to his luxurious and secluded seaside compound, Halston is lavished with attention to get her well. But what she begins to mistake for seduction is merely a prelude to a far more sinister fate the doctor has in store for her. Halston has been ensnared by a worldwide web of sex traffickers. The Mexican's idyllic retreat is actually a prison and processing station for women who will vanish into a world of forced prostitution, servitude and even organ removal.

Halston could be just hours away from being enslaved by organized crime's multibillion-dollar global sex industry.

All may not be lost, however. The doctor's servants, slaves themselves, are planning a breakout. Two New York journalists, hot on the trails of the missing American, also arrive on the scene to investigate her disappearance. And then there's Halston herself, ever resourceful and quick thinking, who still might figure out a way to escape.

But rescue may not come in time: with the clock ticking, the malevolent Dr. Malvo has decided nothing on earth will stop him from delivering to one particular customer the sex slave he has already bought and paid for - Halston.