Danger In The Tulip Fields
book number 3



    Amanda Noble, a field reporter on assignment in dangerous Afghanistan, never expected to find fiery passion in a war-torn country. But sparks fly after she meets the dashing and mysterious Jeffrey Sunderman, a fellow reporter, secret agent and soldier of fortune. When fate intervenes in the form of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the two lovers are recalled to New York City and it is not long before their jobs and lives take divergent paths.

     Quick to climb the ladder of success, Amanda gains worldwide recognition as a news anchor and respected political analyst. Yet, her life feels incomplete without Sunderman. As time goes by, she is pursued and seduced by the notorious French ambassador to the United States, Pierre Roget.

     After a very public courtship and wedding to Pierre, Amanda moves to Paris and transitions into the hectic lifestyle of a diplomat's wife. However, although she gives it her all, she is miserable and longs for her former career in the media spotlight - and the romance she'd found with Jeff.

     But, fate is far from finished with the young and beautiful superstar, and she is soon embroiled in a web of international intrigue - and a sequence of horrifying and unexected events that will change her life forever.