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Yes, "SEX Trafficking" is my last book and it is an eye-opener for so many. Even after all the research I have done on this subject before, during and after the book's publishing, I would never be prepared for what was about to happen to me on this trip to San Diego.

So, here I am arriving in San Diego on my way home from Puerto Vallarta. I am here to catch up with my friends and to become a sponsor to a new shelter for women who are lucky to get out of trafficking alive. I am feeling great and ready to have a good time with people I have not seen in quite some time.  Before I leave Mexico, I make reservations at the Hard Rock Hotel in downtown San Diego. I have friends arriving, we have a couple glasses of champagne and head out to the club downstairs. We return to the suite before they head home. Seconds after they leave, I hear a knock at the door, and start laughing, while I am looking around the suite to see what the couple may have left behind. So sure it is them, I swing the door wide open. In total surprise, I find myself looking at two guys with drinks in their hands. That sense of surprise quickly turns to feelings of horror and panic. Who are they and what do they want, and will I be able to get rid of them? Not a word comes from either male. I am at a loss for words, partly out of fear because I am in a hotel, I do not know these two guys, and the door is wide open, and I am wondering if they know I am alone. I am fighting with myself to keep my wits.

      "May I help you gentlemen?" I assertively ask, and that moment of bravery seems to sink to my feet as there is only silence. Neither one utters a word. So, as I am fiddling with the door with my foot, and no words forthcoming, I speak up, again.

       "Oh, I get it. You must have been in this room before, but the people here have left and now we are here."  Now, I am about to lose it, because I am still without any response from either male. I am trying to focus on preparing to close the door as quickly as I can, somewhat apprehensive that there might be a foot in it to prevent it from closing. Suddenly, I hear a response.

        "Oh, yeah, that must be it, the guy on the left speaks up, and only to be followed by the male on the right.

         "Yeah, that's it."

         This entire episode is bizarre. What kind of information did either of them just offer? None!  However, time is of the essence, and I can no longer wait, so here goes.

          "Oh, okay. Well I am sorry, but the other guests have left." Before I can finish my sentence, and  before they can blink, I slam the door and lock it. I stood with my back against the door, leaning into it. I quickly moved one of the barstools over to the door and secured it under the door knob.

            Now, what happened here? This happened on a floor in the Hard Rock Hotel where a key card was necessary to gain access to the floor.

             However freaky that situation is, it in no way prepared me for what was about to happen the following evening at the Sycuan Casino in El Cajon, California.


 From every corner of the world, let's reach out to each other. It is time we stand up to the violence, abuse, slavery, trafficking,incest,pedophiles, child abusers in any way, and take a firm stand in this world. Let's move ahead instead of backward! I want to hear from you, about the shelters in your area, about the statistics from your area, about what you think you can do to become the catalyst in this desperately needed change, or offer an experience that may help others. Please drop me a note at bookwormpub@aol.com.  It is time for a change - we do not want our children growing up with the understanding that these abuses are all right - that's what they are growing up in right now!


'SEX' IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rave reviews already... "fantastic," "fabulous," "Wow!" "What a book," "You did it again," "I couldn't put the book down," and these are just a few of the comments about "SEX "Trafficking - I had no idea about trafficking, at any age, man or woman, adult or child. To me, before beginning my research, it was a problem far removed from this country. How naive! The United States, the leader that it is in this world, also holds the first place for trafficking in the world. Something to be proud about here? I don't think so. Time we take a stand and do something about it? Start here, on my author page and read about it. Take the journey to find out what's really going on!!!




"You did it again. I couldn't put this book down." Mary, San Diego, CA

"Just finished reading "SEX" - what an incredible read. I couldn't put it down.!" Jan Warm, Long Island, New York


"Slavery is alive and well, and in the cruelest way possible. "SEX" is a novel telling of the unfortunate circumstance of Halston Caldeone, as she faces an illness that leaves her putting her trust in the wrong hands, and into the cruelty of the underground international forced prostitution industry. With only her wits to save her from getting out with her health and her soul. "SEX" is a riveting thriller that touches on a serious issue in today's world."


Kirkus Reviews speaks out about "SEX" -

       "A twisted romance...a mystery...a compelling story...a romantic thriller with a weighty subject matter."

 "SEX"   Back Cover


Beautiful Americn entrepreneur Halston Calderone is jetting to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, on business when a sudden illness thrusts her into the arms of the dashing and rich Dr. Alejandro Malvo.

Whisked to his luxurious and secluded seaside compound, Halston is lavished with attention to get her well. But what she begins to mistake for seduction is merely a prelude to a far more sinister fate the doctor has in store for her. Halston has been ensnared by a worldwide web of sex traffickers. The Mexican's idyllic retreat is actually a prison and processing station for women who will vanish into a world of forced prostitution, servitude, and even organ removal.

Halston could be just hours away from being enslaved in organized crime's multibillion-dollar global sex industry.

All may not be lost, however. the doctor's servants, slaves themselves, are planning a breakout, and two New York journalists, hot on the trail of the missing Americfan, arrive on the scene to investigate her disappearance. And then there's Halston herself, ever-resourceful and quick-thinking, who still might figure out a way to escape.

However, rescue may not come in time. WIth the clock ticking, the malevolent Dr. Malvo has decided nothing on earth will stop him from delivering to one particular customer the sex slave he has already bought and paid for  - Halston.

                                                    * ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **


Anticipating another book preparing to fall off the shelf is,"GOT'CHA  -  SCAMMED!" A nonfiction release where the author brings an internet scam, that almost broke her heart, into print from actual e-mails, to share and educate her audience around the world.

By the way, I have received your ongoing requests for a sequel to The Devil's Dance. Every woman wants more of Andre Ruloff and so he will be returning, but not just yet, as Andre is an extremely busy man!

However, while you are waiting please let me introduce your to Jeffrey Sunderman in "DANGER IN THE TULIP FIELDS," already released and available for your reading pleasure in paperback as well as e-book format.

Sanctuary for Families is the leading nonprofit organization in New York State dedicated to serving the needs of domestic violence and sex trafficking victims, and their children.


 "Settling seems the best now, but the heart will not go ignored. "Danger in the Tulip Fields" is the story of Amanda Noble, a reporter who traveled to Afghanistan and found love in Jeffrey Sunderman. But when 9/11 strikes, the two are torn apart as Amanda's career shoots up, and she loses track of Jeffrey. Finding love elsewhere, she soon regrets her decision, and longs for Jeffrey, but the world of international intrigue may have it out for the news anchor. "Danger in the Tulip Fields" is a fascinating and enticing romance which shouldn't be missed."

                                                            THE MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW"

"a romantic thriller set against a post-9/11 political backdrop...Beginning with a literal bang...high octane... A passionate romance."

                                                               - KIRKUS DISCOVERIES




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Patti Ann Bengen met with local book club members at the Summerfield Club House in Farmingville Long Island to discuss her latest book "Danger In The Tulip Fields." The group had ordered the book and was prepared with questions about the story.

Author continues with program to bring newest release to Long Island and New York City libraries.

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