"The Devil's Dance"

     "Matt walked over to Marissa, placing an arm around her shoulder. 'The people portrayed here are doing The Devil's Dance. It only looks eveil from where you stand. Sooner or later we all dance for the devil.'"

     Patti Ann Bengen takes you on a roller coaster ride that is unrelenting. From one chapter to the next, there's sit-on-the-edge of your chair suspense. YOU WILL NOT WANT TO PUT THIS BOOK DOWN!

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     Meet Marissa Harrington and find out what makes this woman so intriguing. Meet Matthew Marconi, a wealthy importer, who meets and falls in love with Marissa Harrington. Find out about Andre Rouloff and discover why ANY woman would find him impossible to resist. Who is Benny? Is he truly anyone's worst nightmare?

     Marissa Harrington is about to get married to Matthew Marconi. There's only one problem; she doesn't love him. In a fateful moment, she decides to give up everything and head down to the Caribbean.

     But Marissa is about to get more than she ever bargained for as she enters a world filled with conspiracies, triple crosses and possible murder. As she makes her way through the mysteries of this island paradise, danger seems to be lurking around every corner.

     And to top it all off, she may have found her Mr. Right. But, there's a hitch - she may not live long enough to find out.

 EXPLOSIVE! There's just no other way to describe this new action-packed novel.

     This will be another book that you will not want to put down. It is packed with action and suspense, taking the reader on a roller coaster ride from the first page to the very ending.