NCADV Fact Page

Please note:  All information stated below has been taken directly from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence website.

All states will be listed as the information becomes available.


Alaska ranks in the top five states in the country for per capita domestic violence rates. The rate of Alaskan women being killed by intimate partners is 1.5 times the national average. In Fiscal Year 2003, the Alaska Women's Resource Center served 3,906 victims of domestic violence. 

Arizona is ranked 7th in the nation for number of females murdered by males in single victim/single offender homicides. 

Arkansas ranks among the top three states for domestic homicides.

California - In 2004, 138 women in California were killed by their husbands, ex-husbands,boyfriends or ex-boyfriends, and 26 men were killed by their wives, ex-wives,girlfriends or ex-girlfriends. California law enforcement received 186,439 domestic violence calls in 2004. 

Colorado domestic violence programs responded to 216,120 crisis, counseling, information and advocacy calls in 2004.

Connecticut- there were 21,328 incidents of family violence in which at least one person was arrested in 2002. (Children were present or directly involved in 42% of these incidents.)

Delaware recorded in 2003, 27,776 criminal and non-criminal domestic violence incidents. There were 16,921 criminal domestic violence incidents. 

Florida, in 2004, recorded 119,772 reported domestic violence incidents. There were 64,072 arrests. Of those domestic violence reports, there were 184 murders, 111,573 assaults, and 4,551 threats/intimidation. 

Hawaii - There were 8,013 reported cases of domestic violence in Hawaii in 1999.

Idaho- 6,273 incidents of intimate partner violence, 2,045 incidents of family violence and 6,518 incidents of "Other Relational Violence" were reported in Idaho in 2003. 

Illinois in 2003, there was 1 reported domestic crime every 4 minutes, 12 seconds, or 342 per day.

Indiana - During the period of 7/2003-6/2004, there were 60 domestic violence related deaths. During that time, there were 93,618 calls to Indiana's crisis hotline. 

Iowa reported 7,431 victims of domestic violence in 2003. Between 20,00-44,000 women in Iowa suffer abuse in their homes each year.

Kansas - 18,042 domestic violence incidents were reported by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation in 2004. In 2004, a domestic violence incident occurred in Kansas once every 28 minutes and 34 seconds. 

Kentucky spouse and abuse programs received 32,422 domestic violence related calls in FY 2004. Kentucky State Police reports that there were 29,779 Emergency Protective Orders and 15,444 Domestic Violence Orders issued in Kentucky District Courts in FY 2001.

Louisiana is ranked 3rd in the nation for number of females murdered by males in single victim/single offender homicides with 56 homicides and a homicide rate of 2.42 per 100,000.

Maine - In 2003, 46% (5,364) of reported assaults were domestic assaults, an increase of 11% from 2002. Domestic assault, as reported to police, occurs every 1 hour, 37 minutes.

Maryland - In 2004, there were 23,013 reported cases of domestic violence, 28 of which resulted in homicide. 16 children were killed in Maryland as a result of domestic violence in 2004.

Massachusetts reports that approximately 43,000 Massachusetts children a year are exposed to reported acts of abuse and violence between family members. 

Michigan-48,310 domestic violent offenses were reported to the Michigan Uniform Crime Report (UCR) Program in 2003. 

Minnesota - 2,555 rapes and 4,108 other sex offense were reported in Minnesola in 2004. Domestic violence victims account for over 25% of violent crime victims in Minnesota.

Mississippi ranks 2nd highest in the nation for domestic violence. It ranks 9th in the nation for rate of females murdered by males in single victim/single offender homicides.

Missouri law inforcement agencies reported 39,087 incidents of domestic violence in 2004. 51 domestic violence homicides were reported in Missouri in 2004.

Montana - In Montana in 2003, more people were abused by a batterer than babies born. During 2003, there were 11,562 victims of domestic violence and 1,715 victims of stalking. In 2003, batterers killed 11 people - 9 domestic violence victims, 2 children, and 1 sheriff's deputy.

Nebraska - Domestic violence contributed to 46% of the 30 child deaths in Nebraska occurring between 1998 and 2003 according to the Governor's Children's Task Force. 1,667 arrests were made for offenses against family and children in Nebraska in 2004.

Nevada - A total of 22,881 domestic violence incidents were reported in Nevada in 2001, equivalent to a crime rate of 10.7 crimes committed per 1,000 people. 8,661 men and 3,023 women were arrested for incidents of domestic violence in Nevada in 2001.

New Hampshire - In 2001, New Hampshire law enforcement entered 2,378 protection orders into the National Crime Information Center database and 25 emergency protective orders into the state database. In 2003, 9 of the 18 homicides were domestic violence related.

New Jersey- There were 76,109 domestic violence offenses reported by the police in 2004. Wives were the victims of 21 percent (16,309) and ex-wives were the victims in 3 percent (2,460) of the reported domestic violence offenses in 2004. Overall, females were victims in 77 percent (58,444) of all domestic violence offenses.

New Mexico ranks 9th in the nation for highest prevalence of rape. There were 26,940 domestic violence incidents reported to law enforcement in New Mexico in 2004, a rate of 15.3 per 1,000 persons. NMCADV data documented 36 homicides as a result of domestic violence in New Mexico in 2004.