Devils Dance-Reviews

Let's take a  look at some of the reviews for "The Devils Dance," thus far:


"A young woman unsure about her impending marriage decides to treat herself to one last fling and heads down to the Caribbean, only to find herself immersed in sex, drugs and murder. A sizzling romantic thriller."    -  New York Times Book Review

"I just finished reading your book, "The Devil's Dance," and can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed it!! What an amazing creative imagination you have! The book was captivating and cocmpelling! I couldn't put it down. I kept thinking of "casting" for a movie. Annamarie in New York 

"A vacation in Puerto Rico beckons to blonde beauty Marissa Harrington, who scheduled the four-week trip to give herself some time alone to think about whether she should marry long-time boyfriend.This titillating premise for a romance/adventure novel plus the author's narrative ability to grab hold of you from page one makes this novel one you'll want to pass on to your friends." 

"Matthew Marconi is back on Long Island while his beautiful fiance is away. What he doesn't know is that Marissa is secretly hoping to meet the love of her life on the Caribbean island - and does she ever! But all is not what is seems on the surface."

"The trusting heroine finds out the hard way that when red flags arise, she should pay attention. Many of the people she  meets, and some that she already knows, have hidden agendas. But Marissa's romantic nature being what it is, she can't help but be impressed when she meets love of her life, Andre Rouloff."

"Andre is the tall, dark, sexy foreigner every girl dreams of. He kisses Marissa "as no other man ever has." Marissa dresses in gowns and sequins for her dates with this handsome stranger, who provides the requisite champagne, fancy restaurants, yacht, and moonlit nights that befit a fairytale romance."

"Marissa and Andre fall for each other harder than either expects. When trouble erupts, and it does frequently for our hapless heroine, each has the other's safety in mind."

"Marissa is not totally naive. She suspects evils when she encounters rough-hewn Benny, one of Andre's associates. He proves to be dangerous and it is only through the help of new friends like stalwart bodyguard Warren and new gal pal Lorelei that Marissa escapes death."

"Marissa's doubts about Matt and her mystery-laden love affair with the dashing Andre find resolution in a concluding chapter you won't want to miss."   - Loraine Page, editor, Ravenhouse Press

"A blisteringly hot romantic thriller. The Devil's Dance is dark, mysterious and sexy. The characters are fascinating, the scenes are exquisitely shaped and the writing is top-notch."    - Wanda Campbell, author of "First Sunday in October."

"Exhilarating from start to finish, Patti Ann Bengen's new novel is a great romantic thriller with all the trimmings; characters you want to have affairs with, boiling-hot lust, lots of intrigue and just a hint of murder, all wrapped up in a sexy setting." J.Rye Erison, author of "The Strip Mall" and "Angel's Milk."

"The Devil's Dance is a cleverly crafted romantic suspense thriller that reminds you of the best of those great Hitchcock films - in fact it reads like a Hollywood movie. A brilliant, fact-paced stylish read."  Janette Owens; author of "Man With A Vengeance."

"A riveting romantic thriller, "The Devil's Dance," by novelist Patti Ann Bengen, is the story of Marissa Harrington, whose decision not to marry her deceitful fiancee, and subsequent trip down to the Caribbean for a little R&R finds herself abruptly plunged into a world of drug deals, conspiracies, triple crosses, and even murder. It seems a little unfair that she just may have finally discovered 'Mr. Right', but not live long enough to know for certain. A superbly crafted suspense novel of almost unrelenting action, "The Devil's Dance" is exceptionally well written from beginning to end. Very highly recommended reading. Attention Hollywood -- "The Devil's Dance" is the stuff from which blockbuster movies are made!"    By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

"Two handsome men, a tropical island, and death . . ."

     "Marissa Harrington is attracted to Matthew Marconi,  he is handsome, obviously wealthy and in love with her. He wants to make her his wife; however, things have become mundane. They eat at the same restaurant, at the same table on each date. He takes long business trips and never tells her where he is going. He gave her a phone number to call if she needs him, she was to leave a message, and he will call her back. During one such trip, she decided she needs a vacation, a chance to have some fun, sun, excitement and the opportunity to think through their relationship. From the moment she arrived in the tropical paradise her life is in danger. She meets Andre, and he swept her off her feet. She knew she was more than a little in love with him. Nevertheless, life is never that simple."

     "The Devil's Dance" by Patti Ann Bengen is a spectacular, suspense-filled romance. I could not put this book down. I stayed up all night reading. The plot is breathtaking, moving swiftly from one riveting scene to another. The characters are extremely well developed. Marissa is almost naive, trusting those she should not. She is a damsel in distress, and yet a courageous heroine. Matthew gives the appearance of being perfect husband material on the surface, but if  you look close enough, you can see the evil lurking beneath the surface. Andre is a hunk! All of the characters are multifaceted, there is more to them than meets the eye. The supporting characters add a versatile element to this book. I found myself suspicious of Lorelei and Pedro, suspecting they were more than they appeared. They add that important element of keeping the reader guessing. I think Warren would make a wonderful main character in a sequel. I highly recommend "The Devil's Dance" to fans of romance and mystery. You will not be disappointed."  Stephanie Rollins, "" (North Carolina)


"Oh my goodness, another huge success. I read your book on my recent trip to Connecticut from San Diego, and absolutely loved it! I just couldn't put it down. It held my attention, totally. That Marissa sure got herself into a lot of trouble. I could see your book being made a movie. I loved it. You are a natural!!!! I was so glad that I had the plane ride so I had long periods of uninterrupted time to read. I loved it. You have a special talent for writing."  Mary  San Diego, CA