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Available on KINDLE at Amazon, and an all-consuming read. Unfortunately there are no changes in Afghanistan worthy of discussion, for sure. Women remain without rights, education, the ability to live their lives as God intended, and NOT the way men, in warped thought and deed, decide. Here are reviews from THE MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW and KIRKUS DISCOVERIES:

Rave Reviews For Danger In The Tulip Fields...

"Settling seems the best now, but the heart will not go ignored. "Danger In The Tulip Fields" is the story of Amanda Noble, a reporter who traveled to Afghanistan and found love in Jeffrey Sunderman. But when 9/11 strikes, the two are torn apart as Amanda's career shoots up, and she loses track of Jeffrey. Finding love elsewhere, she soon regrets her decision, and longs for Jeffrey, but the world of international intrigue may have it out for the news anchor. "Danger In The Tulip Fields" is a fascinating and enticing romance  which shouldn't be missed".............THE MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW


"a romantic thriller set against a post-9/11 political backdrop... Beginning with a literal bang... high octane...A passionate romance"............................................KIRKUS DISCOVERIES


Welcome To The World of Romantic Thrillers...  Novels based on factual research information regarding global crime and women's global issues, a novel wrapped around it, but how completely... novel?


 With so much to share, it is my hope that you will find this website an enjoyable, and informative place to visit. Whether you are seeking reading material, need information about a shelter or a telephone number to seek help, you will find it here. If you do not see what you need, please feel free to contact me at sweetstorygirl@aol.com.

 It is also my hope that you will share your thoughts and/or experiences with me. I would like to thank so many for reaching out to me with all the letters and notes of comments and sharing. It means the world to me to have readers respond around the globe.

Romantic thrillers represent one of the most popular genres, and I am happy to be here, and share them with you. I have chosen not to write straight non-fiction at this time, because I don't know whether a reader is simply seeking entertainment, knowledge or looking, and that may mean someone is searching for answers in his/her life. Maybe a similarity, something that links someone to the problems he/she may be facing behind closed doors.

For those seeking entertainment, it really doesn't matter if you are celebrating an anniversary, special holiday or 'happening,' . . . romance is where it's at!     

 I am an avid reader  , and enjoy curling-up with a good book, only to find myself getting lost in the story and identifying with one of the characters, in one way or another. I believe we live in their world to "The End." There is nothing more powerful than the imagination.

Just like you, there's nothing I enjoy more than getting lost in the world of love. SEX, MONEY and POWER . . . no matter how much we may deny it, every situation seems to evolve from at least one or all.

Ah, yes, home is where the heart is... wherever that may be. This is the part of the journey that so many of us are intrigued by, getting us hooked so that we are curling up under the covers just a few minutes earlier to read a few more pages before turning out the light. We are mesmerized by the choices, temptations, opportunities, lust, deceit, and the evil that draws us in. That's just to name a few, but the thirst for the adventure, the journey we are about to go on, it pulls us in.

For many of us, romantic thrillers represent the unspeakable, or can act as a mini vacation every time we sit down to indulge in reading a few more pages, and creating an escape from pressures, work, and issues we may be trying to avoid. We are held captive with a sense of anticipation for the unthinkable situations, and the irresistible temptation that lurks just outside our door. The characters that tempt us, entertain us, lure us in, remain with us long after the story is completed. However, for many it opens the door to escape, sometimes emotional, but often a way out of a cruel and abusive relationship. The door swings both ways, but denial does not often allow us to see that.

Yes, I am a romantic, at heart. I don't think anything can change that. I want to believe that there is good in everyone, and yet, there are numerous reasons why people make the choices (good and bad), that influence their journey in life. Whether they represent flawed characters, or represent what is believed to be the ideal individual, there has to be a reason why the reader wants to find out more about them, and longs to travel along the adventurous journey with them, no matter how treacherous the  trip becomes.

Affairs of the heart can bring us to many crossroads. Unfortunately, for many, we are driven by the lustful neediness that propels us into situations that can be dangerous... well, let's just say that many of these situations can be hazardous to our health. However, caught-up in the emotion of the moment, losing all reasoning at that point, we do not see clearly, and yet, too late, when the fog lifts, we find ourselves in jeopardy. 

I have spent a good portion of my life trying to empower women. When I began writing, it was more cathartic for me, but I realized there must be thousands out there, just like me, who need answers, but were too ashamed, embarrassed or simply afraid that their partner will find out what they were doing or reading, and so I tried to somehow insert into the dialogue, the information, the symptoms, the feelings, the situations that the reader may need to identify with, to let them know that there are answers out there. they simply have to seek them out.

"New Beginnings" is a romantic thriller, drawing the reader into the story of growing abuse in a marriage. It escalates to a crescendo adding to the intensity, because of the choices that are made along the way, and subsequently, leading to undesirable consequences. The story leads you into the fact that there is life AFTER. In fact, getting back onto your path in life, leads you to "New Beginnings."

The Devil's Dance," also about a part of my life. It is symbolic of how easy it is for an unsuspecting and trusting person to be lured into a deadly situation and not have a clue! It takes you on a treacherous journey with a nasty twist of fate. Today's world is dangerously masked with pretty faces and tremendous temptations. One can become so manipulated that they cannot see the dangers lurking in the shadows.

"Danger In The Tulip Fields," is yet another fast-paced thriller moving you from Afghanistan to New York City and Paris. The action-packed adventure is motivated by the search for any kind of decent medical care for women in Afghanistan. The title of this book is influenced by the  use of industry-slang for the "poppy" which is "tulip." Again, in moments of vulnerability, one may not be aware of the potentially dangerous situations or persons that cross your path, and how far removed from your own life's path you can stray without hope of return.

"SEX" is a potent story that can happen to anyone, anywhere, today. Although the reader is aware of groups of women experiencing the travels, the story concentrates on a "special order" sale of an individual whose fate becomes a torturous twist of captivity, cruelty, deceit and control. Whether you are vulnerable or whether you feel in complete control of your life means absolutely nothing. It takes one second, just the blink of an eye to change your life, and without choice, forcefully leaving all you cherish behind, and entering into a life of terrifying bondage, with no hope of escape. 

The Devil's Dance...Continues: Finally, the sequel to "The Devil's Dance" is here, but does it present an end, or simply another twist to this compelling story. Andre Rouloff makes his return, up close and personal, since so many readers have hoped for this. He takes you on a treacherous journey as he repositions himself in the cartels, while working with the US 3-letter organizations to find and rescue the woman he loves, more than life itself, and her parents, who disappeared two years earlier after the Marconi massacre went down. Will Rouloff survive the mission of deceit, and find Marissa?