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What's The Story With This Storyteller?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Patti Ann Bengen writes romantic thrillers, and has just released her second novel, available on, "The Devil's Dance." The novelist's first book entitled, "New Beginnings" absorbs the reader into a world of cruelty and unpredictability, as she walks you down the path of spousal abuse. This romantic thriller drives you down a winding mountain road at full speed, and with no brakes.

"No doubt, I am an incurable romantic." Hooked on writing thrillers following her abusive marriage, the dynamic author lectures about domestic violence, self-esteem, and loving yourself. "It's all about erasing the old tapes, and making room for the new so that each person is free to GLOW.

However, there is much more to this romantic thriller writer than meets the eye. Ms. Bengen is a certified Nia cardio-dance instructor. "This is a three-fold program for body, mind and spirit. There is NOTHING like it out there . . . copycat, but not THE Nia Technique. Not only that, but there are many other perks, such as a healthier, more spontaneous, and flexible sex life. I think that is something that everyone wants to either achieve or maintain. That in itself makes it worth ANYONE'S time to investigate. "When you are taking care of yourself, or in the process, you are naturally going to raise your level of self-esteem, but body image is something else, since the media continuously dictates what a good body image should be. This alone, increases the pressure. The idea is to develop a lifestyle with Nia, to bring about a state of increased cardiovascular fitness, body changes that you are proud of even in a state of perpetual change during the goal-achieving process. It is so obvious with Nia; your body image is changing, the oxygen flow to the body is increased because of the breathing in Nia, your self-esteem level rises, and is maintained because the body is in tune with the mind. Patti presently teaches classes in Wading River, NY, although presents demo classes over the Long Island area.

Ms. Bengen has brought BookWorm Publishing LLC to the internet with a website for writers. "The website is under construction, but writers indicate that they are interested, and are responding to the cut-rates and free offers presented on the website." Patti further explains that BWP is primarily involved with the early stages of manuscripts, manuscript reviews, ghost writing, book reviews, and post publishing activities such as marketing and mailings. "I felt as if I needed to develop a safe haven for writers to blast their feelings, including anger, regarding the many sharks that have appeared into the book industry. Someone with a special gift and message may lose out because they fall into the wrong publishing hands-there goes their opportunity of a lifetime."

Patti remains supportive of women around the world, and presently sponsors four women through Women to Women International. These women live in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, and Nigeria. Ms. Bengen stands behind them in their efforts to overcome the prejudices against women that hold them prisoners in their own countries. "I am proud to be a part of this organization, and the work they are doing around the world to help women realize full lives. I find it an amazing experience to be able to communicate with these women through the organization."

Ms. Bengen sponsors The Shade Tree Shelter for women in Las Vegas, Nevada. "This place definitely takes the cake, and I am in awe of the work they do there. It should serve as a model for what every shelter should represent." Ms. Bengen is also supportive of Suffolk County Coalition Against Domestic Violence.