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5 Reasons You Should Include Property Video In You
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Jul 31, 2020
12:29 AM
Real estate video
has been becoming the most effective methods in selling house when Covid-19 pandemic is spreading across the country. Most real estate agents understand it and tend to make use of real estate video to market their listings. If you are wondering about using property videos, here are some reasons why you should start offering real estate videos.

#1. 24 Hour Open House
Real estate video allows home buyers to preview the house any time they want instead of waiting for a certain day to visit the house.

#2. Motion & Emotion
Videos can convey emotion and motion to the viewers in the way a list of real estate photos can not do. Showing the motion of trees swaying in the gentle summer breeze, waves lapping against the shore of a beachfront property, dogs playing in the backyard will make viewers imagine the peaceful of the house.

#3. Online Visibility
Video is easier to go viral than photos, it is also preferred to view on the internet. That is why video has more opportunities to appear on the first page of Google than other types of content. Having your listing visible on the internet will boost the chances to sell the house better.

#4. Layout & Location
Videos can show the layout of the house. It can show you how the kitchen is linked with the living room. By watching a video, you can imagine like you are directly viewing the house in person.

#5. Being Progressive
Although video is quite popular in selling house, but not many real estate agents tend to use it due to its complexibility. Therefore, using a video will make home buyers see your effort to show the house and it is also a way for you to go over your competitors.

Here are few reasons why video should be used when selling houses. Try it if you are going to sell your house.

Jul 31, 2020
1:59 AM
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Aug 04, 2020
1:09 AM
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